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Mountaha gives her first impressions of the competition and her fellow competitors.

Cating Special
We get to this studio in NYC, and no one can talk to one another. We’re still all on “ice,” the most heard expression in this competition! Be quiet, no talk. We go through a little process, a photo shoot that you were supposed to wear something that showed your personality and we also had to pick a prop — I picked the umbrella (I guess it was very common item, but …) Actually before that we all had to walk for Tyson and Cory and they marked our bodies where we needed to work on. Every girl had something to work on, expected. It was so interesting to watch everyone and see the look on people’s faces. It was quite a long day but again that’s how a real model’s day would be. It went really well. There were some girls that really had no idea what they were doing but me, being that I have a  good walk, was told that I did a really good job and I was very proud of that. We waited a little more, then everyone was called back in and names were being called and people were selected to move in and some to go home.  Some of the selections that were made I was very surprised. We just never know what they think. And how the selection was made. We (selected to move into the house) go back to the hotel for one last night. It was so weird to see everyone kinda started to talk and getting to know one another and thinking wow we made it this far and we’re all moving into the same house and competing for the same prize.

Week One
We get to this place in Brooklyn by the water and see this huge glass box hanging. And Nicole comes out of the box. She’s going to be the girls’ mentor and Tyson the boys’ mentor. The first challenge is to pair up with another contestant and dress into sexy lingerie and pose up in the box. The photographer, Perou, tries to give a lot of direction to Sandhurst and me (he was my pick — taller than me and thought the difference in skin color would help us). Anyways we couldn’t hear much of what Perou was saying so when we were done and we watched everyone we felt a little insecure but really didn’t know what to expect. All I wanted was to show Tyson and the judges that I was here to win and was dying to do some real high fashion show. My walk is my best friend at this point. We get to the house after this really long first day. Cameras are behind me every minute, and really I mean every minute. The loft is super new and modern in Brooklyn. Everyone was really excited about the place and trying to know a little more about everyone. I’m feeling super duper excited and can’t wait for the next challenge.  The next day we have Nicole in the house. She brings the pics and some are happier than others. We all get waxed today, even the boys, and their armpits too. It was funny to watch.  Salome wins for best pic and chooses CJ to go with her on the go-see. Some drama starts cause she says the reason she picked her was because she knew she could beat her. We all thought that but she was the only one to actually say it out loud. We all knew that some kind of drama would be created sooner or later, a lot of very different people living together spending so much time together and competing for the prize. The next day we had our first runway followed by first elimination. The runway was OK. I had this big dress with not much shape at all but I know its not an excuse but I didn’t make it to the top three or the bottom three. I was just safe which sucks because I really wanted to win every challenge or at least be considered a little more but Jordan wins the runway, Salome made top three but the judges did say that her dress was very easy to work with and it would look good even though her walk wasn’t that great. Jordan has a great walk so I was happy to see her win.

Half of the cast, the safe ones ,went home first and the rest had to stay longer and wait for the judges’ critiques and advice. Ken gets eliminated. Oh actually it was supposed to be a very haute couture show. I feel that it wasn’t so much of a huge deal that Ken went home because we all knew he wasn’t really dying to be here. So I guess it was OK because this is a lifetime opportunity and you must really want to be here and must want this with your heart and soul.  This really means so much to me and it’s crazy cause you meet so many people and just to stop and examine everyone and every situation.

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