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Down this Week

Salome describes her frustration with this week's challenge.

We walk out of the apartment to see a big yellow school bus. Hmm are we doing a school theme, cheerleaders, teacher, coach? No clue. One to one-and-a-half-hour ride to Nutley, New Jersey. We arrive at a football field. Tyson and Nicole tell us we will be shooting from wires in groups representing sports. My heart sinks. I don't know anything about sports; how am I to represent it well? On wires is cool but in a group jumping on wires, how are we gonna be in unison? We don't get our individual best shot; it is the best over all picture. The photographer is worried about balance, lighting, etc. Sportswear today very cool ... my hair gets greased back. Before my makeup is done they pull me to shoot. The harnesses are painful but being on wires is so cool. You can jump and flip and not hit the ground.

The second jump Shawn's wires scrape my face. It hurts but I need a great shot. Let's keep rocking. I jump and twist and I give it my all and it hurts but it's worth it for a great shot. I struggle knowing what to do. I've never really seen football. The little I've seen on TV I just watch the shiny butts and laugh at how they jump on each other! I leave very bruised and scratched.

When I see my photo, I'm shocked. I never knew you could try so hard to get such a bad shot. I look fat, short, and like someone punched me under the chin and I'm dying. I only can laugh it's so bad. Did the photographer pick it as a joke? I learned that you can go too far the hard way, with bruises and scratches for a dying picture. Amanda wins the shoot. Laury thinks she should have.

Runway is all about the poise at the end of the runway and it's to represents sports or something you would see in the Olympics. I know neither. Our outfits are designed by Heather. Kenny Ho is the stylist. Amazing people. We are wearing wire and ribbing outfits with underwear underneath. The only sport I know is volleyball and I can't play that because I can't pick up my arms. So I decide on bowling. I've been bowling twice in my life. I'm going down, trying!

Apparently my butt jiggled the whole way down the runway and my poise wasn't understandable. I'm in the bottom three. Karen/ KK goes home. I feel absolutely frustrated. I need to rock the shoot tomorrow.

Sex would be nice. Everyone in the house is horny.

The judges' critiques are extremely confusing and they contradict themselves. Why in the world in the first place to you have a hairdresser as a judge in a modeling competition anyway? Kerryn wins immunity; don't ask me how! I like her as a person but in her picture she is a soccer player not very model-y. I'm just glad I'm here.

I'm down this week can you tell!? Sex would be nice. Everyone in the house is horny.

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