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Dropping the Dead Weight

Tyson Beckford tells the models step up their game and stop being so cocky.

This week the models had an underwater shoot. Let's talk about everyone's performance. How was Branden?

On the water shoot he did really well. He's starting to get it and he's starting to see it. He's becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The judges yelled at him this week for being cocky.

Yeah. Calm down dude. Don't get so cocky. A lot of them are getting cocky and it turns around and bites them in the ass. To be eighteen and going into something like this, it requires a lot of maturity. He's eighteen and growing up in America's eyes right now and you gotta give him a little space sometimes. You reel him back in and let him know what's up. I had to do that.

What about Jonathan?

He's doing well. He still has a problem with his arms when he walks. They're coming down a little bit, but I'm trying get them down.

What about Sandhurst?

He finally found one and that's gonna be good for him. You don't really see when I'm mentoring them and what I'm doing with the guys, but they know what they wanna show, but I think America's losing out on what I'm telling these kids. I told Sandhurst he needs to slow it down and if he really wants to do well in this business he needs to listen to the direction that I'm giving him, ask more questions with the photographers, and understand what we're trying to achieve. A lot of kids go in there and they think they know what the photographers want, but if you don't know something you should ask. He's finally asking the questions to get the right answers to achieve the right shot.

What about Gabe?

Poor Gabe. He honestly was just working hard to change what he was doing. The guy's really a sweet guy. He's very reserved so you don't see a lot of different emotions with him, and you need that to be a successful model. The kid does have some emotions, but he was never able to pull them out in time for the show. It's sad and I wish him all the best.

What did you think about his relationship with Amanda?

I say find love later and get serious about this competition. If you really care about eachother and you want to make something happen, do it after the show.


Hopefully he'll keep listening to direction.

Did you think his underwater shot was good enough to get him laid?

I think losing your virginity is such an important thing. Society puts so much pressure on people. If he's still a virgin then he'll find that right woman to do that with. When we tease him, we're only teasing. We don't want to see him lose his virginity on the show. I don't think it's a lack of opportunity with him.

How did Kerryn do this week?

She's got a good confidence now. I always tell them, "Don't have too much confidence because that turns into cockiness." They gotta make sure they don't get too cocky because it throws them off. They're going to the next trials of the competition and they're so overly confident that they screw up. They can screw themselves over something good.

What about Salome? She overcame her fear of water.

She came in strong, but now she's like a lamb. She's like March. She's put on some weight and that's kind of ruining her future as a model. She is girlfriend hot, but she's not fashion hot. A lot of guys want a girlfriend with a butt like that and the curves, but I don't think she's fashion quite yet.

Were you nervous about her the water?

The photographers had divers near her. It's her who gets herself nervous and gets herself into trouble. That was her nervousness that sunk her.

Have you worked with that photographer? He was great.

Yeah, I did. He's super sweet. Like they said, it's like going to a psychiatrist. He gets you to that point where he can get you to shoot well and get the best out of you. There's a lot of photographers who are like that. I'm just becoming a photographer myself and I'm like that because someone who has been a model before can relate.

What about Laury?

She's coming along. She is another one who is under the radar. She's got the great body. Her facial expressions aren't under control yet.

What about Mountaha?

The Brazilian Bombshell. She's the only one who can ruin it for herself. They need to spend time with Nicole mentoring though, because the boys are coming on strong. We're dropping all the dead weight right now. We're ready to take on the real heavyweights.

What about Jordan? She won the underwater shoot.

She's doing well. She needs to work on her skinniness. She's also busy being worried about Amanda too. She needs to get to doing her job. When you start to put energy in other people, you're the one who ends up doing badly yourself. Jordan's got the face, but her mind is not all there because she's hating on Amanda.

And Amanda?

Amanda's spent too much time worrying about Gabe.

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