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Feels Godo to be Bad

Laury tries to be a team leader in this week's sexy military shoot.

I had a terrible morning today. Tyson woke us up yelling and banging pots at 5 in the morning. NOT COOL. To make things worse we had to ride in the freezing cold in the back of a military truck. It was awful. When we finally made it to our destination, I looked up and saw a huge ship and I thought to myself “OH GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON??” After Tyson explained the theme for the shoot I was really excited because I loved the idea of being sexual with partners while in military attire; it just seems so “BAD.”

I was paired with Salome and Colin and I’m a little worried for Colin because I know he does not have a lot of sexual experience and I was not sure if Salome would be able to perform because she comes off as a really shy person. So I mentally told myself that I had to be the leader and carry the shoot.

Colin and Salome shocked me with their performance. They were great and gave 100%. There was a lot of sexual chemistry between all of us and we definitely were not shy of showing that. It was HOT, HOT, HOT.

When I saw our final shot I had mixed feelings because the photo was a bit too dark however our body language was perfect. Colin and I were very intimate and Salome seemed to be enjoying the moment. I am confident the photographer was pleased with our performance.

I loved the wardrobe for this week’s runway show. The girls were in very clean and sleek tailored suits and vests. We all looked so powerful and sexy. The guys got a chance to show off their feminine side because they worked the runway in skirts — yes, I said skirts. I had a blast laughing and teasing the guys. I was so impressed with the way the guys handled themselves; they all gave a pretty convincing performance. The only thing they were missing were the Jimmy Choos. Ha!

It feels great to be safe for another week but I am also so ready to win immunity. I feel that I am improving in the competition and it would be great to receive some recognition. Marlan seems to be the least impressed by me so I have to win his approval next week.

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