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Get Out of Your Head!

Kerryn reveals why she would rather be in the bottom than not go in front of the judges at all.

We woke up this morning with an address and an invite with a piece of candy on it and what do I say? “I bet we’re going to e made into candy today.” An hour later we arrive at the venue and we’re told … wait for it … we are going to be made into candy!

So it was a ton of fun to get painted up and made into candy seeing everyone in our costumes was a blast! I even licked some of the chocolate off Karen!

I tried to wait as long as possible to find out what kind of candy I would be … and definitely to my surprise I became a sprinkle! Know that the worst part of the day was my shower. I had layers and layers of glue holding the sprinkles on my body. You would think the little candies being all over might be sexy but after you see all the little spots [I had after] my skin got ripped off it stopped being sexy and looked like I had a skin disorder.

FYI: Runway is starting to despress me. I know I can walk better than this! What is wrong with me??

Elimination once again sucked. Chris was sent home and it’s hard to keep losing people you love.

Also Branden was immune this week. I was so happy!! It hit me hard when I left him on the runway that people I truly love will be going home at some point, and Jordan rocked the candy photo shoot. Our peppermint people ruled this week!

So we have just gone through the second round of eliminations. As I walked off the runway I left some of my best friends up there … the reality of the competition has sunk in; friends will be leaving and not necessarily the ones you want to leave.

Not being in the top or bottom is an easy out. I’m missing out on getting critiqued by the judges. Whether or not I want to hear what they have to say, I know I need it. I’m not just here to win; I’m here to get better. I want to be better. Already I’m “on” all the time but the moment I get with the photographer or I step on the runway I freeze. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD KERRYN! I can do this, I will do this.

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