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Horsin' Around

Jordan describes her awkward experience on a horse.

Another week, another long ride to another photo shoot. We all knew this photo shoot was going to be challenging because the clue said we’d be working with a partner that couldn’t understand us. I was just hoping we didn’t have to work with babies. When we ended up at a ranch, I think it was pretty clear … horses! I wasn’t very excited for this. I may have not been excited, but I knew I had to do this, and I had to do it well. So I had to wait around all day for my shoot, and finally shot at night. It was so cold, and I didn’t have a lot of clothes on. I was hoping the horse would warm me up. I ended up getting on the horse for this shoot, and I felt so dumb. I had no idea what to do, and I was really stiff and awkward. The photographer seemed to like what I was doing, but I wasn’t happy. I left this shoot praying that I got a really good shot. So of course, Nicole brings our looks and I open mine to a not-so-good picture. I was just hoping we had a somewhat normal catwalk so I could redeem myself.

Catwalk day! This is the first catwalk that I am actually nervous for. I’m so scared that it won’t be a normal catwalk, and I won’t be able to redeem myself. So we go into find out what we will be doing, and sure enough it’s a normal catwalk! Yes!!! I have never felt so relieved. The clothes for this catwalk were some of my favorite. I felt so confident with my walk, and it looked like it helped me, because I was safe. I live to see another week!!

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