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I Wanted to be a Lollipop

Jordan discusses being bummed at being selected as a candy cane.

It felt good going into this photo shoot with immunity. Although I had immunity, I still wanted to try as hard as I could to get a good shot. I didn’t want to slack because I knew I was safe and then have that photo shoot come back to haunt me. When I first found out I was going to be a candy cane I was a little bummed. I wanted to be a lollipop. Once I went into hair and makeup, I started feeling better about being a candy cane because I loved my hair and makeup. I didn’t mind walking around topless during the day. With all the paint on, it felt like I had clothes on. I felt really good going into the photo shoot. I had a lot of ideas, and the photographer just let me go. I felt so good about the shoot. It was fast and easy and I felt the photographer was very happy with the shots she got. When all was said and done, I got the call from Cory and found out I won the photo shoot. I couldn’t believe it. It felt great to be the winner of the shoot. I chose Mountaha to come with me on the Miss Sixty go-see. I chose her because I love competition and I feel like Mountaha is great competition. And of course, Mountaha is awesome and fun, and I wanted to take a friend with me. The go-see went well. It was quick and painless. It was a great experience.

After the go-see, we went to get our makeovers. I was so excited for my makeover. When I saw Tabatha I couldn’t believe it. I love Tabatha. Meeting her was so unreal. I wish she could have cut my hair, but at least she gave me advice. I was able to watch her cut CJ’s hair, and it was fabulous. I was really happy about my makeover. My hair pretty much stayed the same, only now I have bangs again. 

It felt good going into the catwalk with my new haircut. I felt really confident. In this catwalk, I found out I was going to be paired up with Amanda. I was mad at first because I didn’t want to be paired up again, but then I figured I shouldn’t worry about it. We got to use props in this catwalk. Once we picked props, Amanda and I worked well together, and came up with good ideas for our props. I felt really good about our walks. I had to stay on the catwalk again for this elimination. I felt good just because I had immunity, but I was hoping the judges would be happy with my performance still. Luckily, the judges liked my performance again and I was safe. I get another week in the house.

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