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I'm a Jonathan!'s Editor discovers which supermodels she is most like.

... Sorry -- I was just taking our new Which (male) Supermodel Are You? Personality Quiz and I found out I'm a Jonathan! I'm also a Mountaha (OK -- I'm just afraid to admit I'm a Salome). What do you think that says about me? You can find out which models you are by taking our quizzes HERE.

Judging by your comments you left me on last week's blog, some of you were psyched and others not-so-psyched about the new format of this year's show. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly why we changed it (I can check with Andy Cohen), but it makes my life much easier, which is actually better for you guys. We get all our fun extras like photos and videos much farther in advance than we did last season because the turnaround isn't as quick between production and the show actually airing. Either way, I'm sticking with my position that the show is a million times better this season. I actually can't wait until we get the new DVDs each week to watch.

So, this week the models had to be ... candy! If I were candy, I'd want to be a Hershey's Take 5 or a Baby Ruth -- my two favorites. I gotta say I kind of liked Gabe's shot, but what the hell do I know? I also liked Kerryn (I'm telling you -- keep your eye on that girl), and I liked Colin's, but obviously I like everything Colin does. I thought this was a really creative challenge, but I did not envy the models having to take all the goop off of themselves.

While the models sat around chatting with Nicole, they were surprised by none other than Tabatha. When we were watching this episode in the office, we kept saying "I'm Tabatha, and I'm taking over Make Me A Supermodel," I do a killer Tabatha impression, so i obviously loved this. Tabatha had some big plans for some of the models, and I have to say overall I think all of the makeovers were great. I'm not sure yet whether I liked CJ's, but her denouncement of all things brunette actually offended me. Do other blondes think like this?! I don't know that she ever got over it because she couldn't have looked less enthused on the catwalk and kept rolling her eyes. But Nicole totally called her out on it, and for that I kind of love Nicole. I like how chill she is when she goes to the models' apartments, like they're just hanging out and there are no cameras there.

In the end Chris went home. I have to say I'm not unhappy. While I actually think he'd be really fun to hang out with, I wasn't feeling his look. I'm all for the androgynous look, but when I think androgynous I think of more like a Trent Ford (How to Deal), where he has feminine features, but still looks masculine, or Kat Moennig (The L Word), who actually played a boy when she was on the WB's short-lived series Young Americans (Do you remember how many gorgeous people were on that show?) Gabe was very close to being cut. I think he's adorable, but he really does need to loosen up or he's going to get himself sent home.

Anyway, i'm excited for next week's episode, and hopefully some hook-ups on the horizon. There has been a lot of flirting going on. Who do you think will be gettin' busy in the episodes ahead?

Until next week,

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