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In My Underwear

Jonathan describes capturing an intimate moment ... as a married man.

5th Photo Shoot

Picked up in a military vehicle and driven to the USS New Jersey was such a fun and surprisingly cold experience.

A sexy intimate voyeur style shoot was the brief … I’m a married man! This one will definitely be testing for me. I got paired with Kerryn and CJ which I was pretty comfortable about, only a bit worried if CJ would get into character to get the shot.

Our shoot went really well even though CJ was giggling nervously throughout the shot.

The photographer wanted variation so Kerryn and I kissed which felt very, very weird, but my wife can rest easy that when it’s freezing cold, 20 people are watching you and the camera is rolling, it’s not sexy at all!

The next day Nicole came round to the house with our model books. This image is a really important one for me as it was testing for me being in an intimate situation with someone other than my wife. Cory calls and tells me to come to the phone … yes yes yes. It was all worth it as I won the photo shoot! I had to win this one so I could sleep easy in the knowledge I’d performed in a very strange scenario and I know my girl will understand why I did what I did.

AND THERE’S MORE!!! Winning the photo shoot meant I got to partake in a go-see which was for 2xist underwear! SWEET ... their briefs are so comfortable. Not shying away from the competition I chose Gabriel as my partner in crime for the photo shoot. He has a great body so I would be going head to head with him on this one. But my feelings are: I want to be as confident as possible for the go-see and for me that is when my friends are around. After a beautiful drive through NYC, we got to the location. Walking into the 2xist office, I saw a model I recognized which was such a coincidence.

The meeting with the casting directors went really well. I modeled some skimpy undies but I think they looked good. They actually let me keep the underwear which was great as laundry day was rapidly approaching.

Gabriel went in after me and he got some free underwear too … only problem is that he left his dirty underwear in the casting office!

At home the phone rang and it was the casting director from 2xist ...

I booked the job!!!

It shoots in a few weeks and I can’t wait!

5th Runway: Breaking the Rules

Revealed to us at the catwalk, girls as guys and guys as girls … sort of. The girls were going to be wearing tuxedos and the guys would be wearing skirts.

Always up for a challenge I have to say I was up for a full blown ball gown and high heels.  That would truly separate who is confident enough to rock it and who would allow insecurities and embarrassment to rule. Sadly all we got was a kilt-like skirt and boots. Another time I guess. The girls looked great kind of like they were from a 50s mobster movie and the guys all looked like we were from Scotland.

I walked well and hit the top three. CJ’s excuses that she was trying to lighten the mood by giggling were not believed and she ended up being eliminated. And Kerryn won immunity for the second time.

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