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Just the Beginning

Salome talks about her "jiggle" sending her home.

We are up at 5:30. The message on the computer says "Models get ready to be turned into Polar Bears ... take the Subway to Stillwell Ave."
I get a map. We are going to Coney Island. Immediately I think water swimsuits and fish because polar bears fit all but the swimsuits and we haven't done swimsuits yet.
Sure enough we go to the beach and there is Tyson and Nicole standing with a blue tarp covering something on the ground. Yes we are doing a swimsuit shoot in t he cold. It's 40 degrees with windchill. And we are shooting with dead fish, crabs, and octopus as ornaments and/or clothes.
The stylist picks a black lace G-string for me and a bold bikini four Mountaha. Nicole comes in and wants Mountaha to be changed to something more edgy. So she gets a metallic one piece. It's so hot.
Jessica Gomes, Sports Illustrated model, comes and gives all of us one on one. I am thrilled to get advice from the BEST! She says she likes to do stretches to get connection between mind and body. Be confident with your body, practice in front of a mirror get to know the best angles ... be slightly vulnerable and innocent while being in control. Think what you would want to see in a woman you are buying a G-string from. Sell it, communicate, and love yourself and what you have on! 
Jonathan, Sandhurst, then I shoot third. They grease me down and spray me with a dewy mist. It's freezing and my whole body gets the chills and shakes. I run to the fish tent and get eels wired around my arms. They reek, and slime and blood get on me. I slightly get the hives but then I separate my mind from my body so to speak and and try not to let the cold and smell affect me.
Run down and start shooting. Heels sink in sand net pulls around with wind, wind freezes, and three people are yelling different stuff to change. I still have to look perfect and show lots of expression. I love the life of a model. I think how I want this so badly! They give me this 30-35-pound fish to hold above my head. It is all I can do. My whole body is shaking. I want to win! We got the shot. I put down the fish. I want to shake their hands but I have fish goo all over them. So I thank them and run back. I have to got to the fish tent to get the eels unwired. The goo has dried on me. SO GROSS!
I shower for like an hour to get warm and feel like I got the fish smell off.
I work out when I get home. Make a steak and grape salad and then we chit-chat.
We go to bed early tonight, around 10:30.
Today was my first time even in a bikini on the beach. I feel good, I'm blessed, I want to do this kinda shoot lots.
I get up around 8 and go work out. Nicole is bringing our books. I can't wait! I answer the door.
Jonathan's pic I don't really like. His body looks great but his neck and face is strained and primitive looking. Just depends what's wanted. Mountaha is so strong and her boobs and face look great ... winner? Branden is very good. Mine is bootylicious. My body looks good, my expression is different from last week. I like it. .. I hope the judges love it! Sandhurst's is good but his body looks slightly short looking.
The phone rings and Cory wants to talk to, my heart stops ... Salome! Me! It's my third win in a row! We are going to Rosa Cha to meet Amir Slama the Brazilian designer of swimsuits. This is a huge boutique swimwear line.
Mountaha is the pick I would take ever if she wasn't my only choice... Nicole tells us they are huge for raw sexiness. Strong women like Naomi Campbell, Giselle, and Nicole herself have worked for them. WOW, we are competing with the best.
Afterward we are invited to dinner with Jessica Gomes in Soho. I'm thrilled. We take a care to the Rosa Cha store. We walk in and meet Rebecca head of Public Relations. She introduces us to Amir. He is here from Brazil for just two days and made time to see us.
They look at our books then we try on two pieces. He tells us strong confident no shaking walk. Here is a challenge for me. Will I pass? No jiggling!? We try on one-piece, dress, and then another two-piece. We dress, come out, and he tells us he liked our walk. We need to tan and have more abs for swimsuit but he would like to use us in his trunk show in dresses, though. He thinks we seemed more confident in dresses (and it will cover our fat).
We just booked our first big job! I booked a job in NYC! A job supermodels work. I booked!
Now we get to walk to have dinner with a supermodel. I feel like the luckiest chick ever. Jessica is upstairs of a Korean cuisine restaurant Woo Lea Oak.
We chit-chat, she gives advice: have other hobbies besides modeling and other friends besides models. Stay close to family. Write down goals and go for it. Be yourself and don't take things personally. Keep your body at the best possible and love it! She is so sweet, she makes me even more excited about this experience. It is encouraging to see someone who is doing what I'm working for.
Marlin comes tonight to go over our film with us individually. It will be great for me to see how I work in front of the camera and see how the camera sees me. Overall he says I am a good model. I gave the photographer everything, front, back, side, looking at and away from the camera. He likes my picture.
Branden's pictures — he didn't give the photographer much. He is lucky he got  a shot from what Marlon says.
I work out and practice my walk. I want to be top three this week. I won my third shoot in a row and five out of 11 shoots this competition. I'm so proud. I work well with the photographer. That's what makes a supermodel: someone that goes above and beyond what others are, the one that is the best overall in getting a great shot easily and being enjoyable to work with. Almost half of the time I have been the overall best in the photo shoots. If only I could see how I am supposed to walk. 30 minutes of training would be great. I need a video of models walking a normal show. I just need to see what they want. HELP ME!
Our outfits are constricting corsets made from metal, plastic, crystal, feathers. They weigh like 50 pounds a piece. Madonna, Pink, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce have all worn some of these pieces. Our goal is to not be able to breathe and make it look effortless.
When they pick which pieces we will be wearing we get laced into them hours before the runway. I can't breathe, my waist is now stitched to 20 inches. My sheos are a couple sizes too big so I stuff them, but now my toes won't hardly stay in. Oh no! How am I to walk?
The Blonds tell me exactly how they want me to pose at every point. OK always follow the stylist vision. Correct?
I take my time on the runway because last week I was too fast. I'm also concerned about my shoes staying on. I don't feel good about my walk.
Jonathan was the winner even though his picture makes no sense. He wasn't the one that picked the picture that is over the top, and he gave other options.
Mountaha is a continually brightening star.
Somehow Branden is in the top three even thought his photo shoot sucked and he was lucky to get an OK picture.
Sandhurst has the face of an accountant. He isn't showing personality.
I realize I'm going home even though Nicole pleads for one more week to teach me how to walk. Perou says my body is like two people. My waist is so tiny when I turn sideways it's hardly there and then I have these round curves below the waist. Sorry I'm working on it.
My walk and my butt send me home. I am going to improve both. With a little time it is possible. It hurts that I can't be instantly named a supermodel. I have been given the tools I just have to continue to use them.
I hug Tyson and Nicole and shake the judges' hands. I thank them for their professional advice. They have helped change my life.
I'm happy I can leave here with so much information. I can now go learn how to walk because I can actually look up on YouTube a runway show and SEE what they have been wanting.
I have don things I have always dreamed of. I have done things I never imagined I would get the opportunity to or thought were possible. I pushed my limits mentally, physically, and socially and done well.
Guys, this is only the beginning of the model Salome. I'll see you when I am the supermodel Salome or just see you very soon the improved model Salome.

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