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Like a Rock

Laury talks about the process of becoming rock candy.

The theme for this week’s photo shoot is all about candy and I’m really excited. When I think of candy it imagine bright colors, fun, and youthful. When I learned that I had to be partially naked for today’s shoot I was excited because I am comfortable in my own skin. Getting ready for the shoot was a long process. First my body was painted pink, then I had pieces of fake rock candy glued onto me. The hair and makeup was very bright but the final look was amazing.

When it was finally my time to shoot I was a bit tired and beaten down by the long day but I knew I had to pull myself together to pull off a great shot. I don’t feel like I was 100% on this shoot and that worries me a little. I’m praying for a good shot.

When Nicole came over with the books I was a little worried but once I saw my picture I let out a sigh of relief. My picture wasn’t terrible and I loved the expression on my face. My picture may not be the best this week but I’m far from being the worst.

Surprise, surprise it’s makeover time. We got a visit from Tabatha who stars in her own TV show Tabetha’s Salon Takeover and she was a really cool person, which is not what I expected. When I got to the salon I was really excited because I feel my current look does not give me the “model look” so I’m ready for a change. I like my new haircut but I’m a bit disappointed because I did not get a dramatic change; I only got a shorter edgier bob. I guess that means I did not look as bad as I thought I did.

Today is another runway show and another elimination. I’m a little worried but I’m staying positive and I’m not going to let my nerves get the best of me. The challenge for this week’s catwalk is working with a partner. Oh My God!!! I’ve never walked together with another model before — this is going to be interesting. And to make matters worse, we both have to carry unusual props. “Lord please help me!!!”

Walking the catwalk with Gabriel was not as bad as I imagined it would be. Gabriel and I decided to just have fun and not try too hard to hide our nerves and fears. I think the judges saw confidence in us and I’m so happy to be safe for another week. However Chris was eliminated today and that’s a little sad because he’s my roommate and I think he had a lot of potential and could have gone far in this competition.

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