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Like Huge Dorks

Jordan talks about working with Jonathan.

Another week, another group shot. I can’t believe it! Luckily this time we could pick our own pairs. When Branden’s card was pulled out first, I was praying he didn’t pick me. I wanted to work with Mountaha or Jonathan. Thankfully, Jonathan’s card was pulled second and he picked me. Finally, a good pairing! Jonathan and I made a good couple for the '60s. Our outfits were amazing. We had so much fun on the set of our shoot. We danced, sang, jumped around. We were acting like huge dorks. This has been my favorite shoot hands down. For the first time, I couldn’t wait to see the picture. When Nicole came to the house with our books I got really excited. I was so happy with the picture. I really felt like I had a good chance at winning this shoot. I was a little surprised when Salome won the shoot. I thought out of all the pictures, Mountaha should have won. Oh well, I’m just glad my picture wasn’t a disaster.

So it’s elimination day … yay! Even better, it’s double elimination. I felt really secure this elimination because I thought I had a strong picture. Once again, I was pretty annoyed when I found out what the catwalk was going to be. Battle wars? Not only that but another paired catwalk. Ahhhh! At least I was paired with Jonathan again. Jonathan and I had so many ideas for this catwalk. We wanted to be really original for this one. For this catwalk we didn’t have to interact with each other, but it’s a battle for crying out loud! We had to take the chance. As much as I hated the idea of this catwalk, I ended up having a lot of fun. We took a chance and it paid off. Another strong week for me. And I escaped the double elimination. Bring on the next challenge!

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