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Like it Is.

CJ doesn't hold back and reveals her feelings about all the models.

My final photo shoot was on a military ship. We were supposed to have a threesome and it was difficult for our group. I found it a little weird that Jonathan was so comfortable being intimate with other women even though he’s married. The people on set were joking around saying he would have to get a divorce after his wife saw this and that made Kerryn really uncomfortable. So I wanted to make her smile and lighten the mood a bit so I made a few jokes and I guess the photographer took that as me being very giggly. He was kind of a perv too. He was like telling people to make out and really just crossing the line. It was disgusting that everyone was so desperate to win this competition and I’m not OK with that. I have boundaries and I wasn’t about to make porn or exploit myself. I wanted to learn about modeling and I feel a little disappointed. The runway challenge was still about breaking the rules so the men wore skirts and the girls wore suits. I actually felt good about this but in the end I was eliminated for having a bad attitude. Which is strange because the judges didn’t have a single conversation with us to know what my attitude was like. And Gabe who was also in the bottom got to stay because he tried to smile at the end of the runway. What the f**k is that? So in the end this competition had nothing to do with modeling. It was just a TV show in disguise.

As for me in the house, I tried so hard not to be the bitch that they wanted to cast me as and I tried so hard to do nice things for people and be a good person but it didn’t matter because they all chose to hate me anyway. I wish I would’ve been the bitch I really am so at least I wouldn’t have looked so pathetic. And for all this sh*t I refused to talk about anyone on the show f**k it … here’s how I really feel about everyone:

Salome: Fake b*tch.

Jordan: Spawn of Satan. B*tch who likes to make others feel bad.

Mountaha: Most annoying. Rude. 

Amanda: Selfish/self-involved. Whines a lot. Weak person who can’t have her own opinion unless it’s validated by someone else.

Gabe: Obnoxious. Rude. Follower. Dull.

Colin: Know-it-all. Arrogant. Attention begger. Tries so hard to be unique.

Kerryn: Fake/pretends to be your friend. Liar. Two-faced.

Everyone else, who cares.

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