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Mirror, Mirror ...

Kerryn describes what went on in the house while the winners were in Montreal.

We got a video from Tyson this morning telling us that he would be gone this week and that, like him, models have to travel to work so by the end of the day some of us will be leaving to who knows where.

So we walk in and Nicole is standing there and she introduces us to two people, Michael, and Indira, the photographer. Our photo shoot is going to be reflective so we will be working with mirrors.

Bummer — I have a love/hate relationship with mirrors, so the shoot went OK, not as horrible as I thought, but not as well as I wanted it to go. Amanda and Branden won this photo shoot and they got to pick people to take with them. Mountaha and Colin were the lucky picks so they loaded up and left for Montreal — those of us deemed losers stayed and had a day off, and with CJ getting sick, we need the day to air out and clean the house. Plus, those of us left behind had a unique chance to bond …

So fast forward to runway … beautiful freaks.  FYI: so glad I have immunity this week. For some reason this show was especially hard for me. I didn’t know what I was going to do on the catwalk, mostly because I wasn’t fully put together until right before I went out.

But my outfit was crazy awesome. I wore this see-through mesh dress and I had this half body suit that was incredibly hard to move in.  Also Cecilia the hairdresser had this amazing idea to put the long-haired girls’ hair up in pigtails and wrap elastic string around it. It hurt like crazy but it was totally worth it. The finished product was amazing, so amazing they shot a Web site piece on it.

Oh and I had awesome yellow contacts that completed my look as a beautiful freak.

Going through the whole process from no make-up to the transformation was a super long process that took three hairstylists and 7-10 makeup artists. WOW. So much energy went into every single one of us. You know those teams of stylists had to have such a sense of accomplishment seeing all of us together as we did our thing on the runway.

I know we all felt stupid during this runway but apparently the mentors were on different pages. Nicole told us to tell a story and the judges throught we were so edgy-looking that we should have just done a normal walk. Wish we could have gotten the memo. We wouldn’t have felt stupid.

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