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My First Time

CJ dishes on working with Jordan and her go-see with Salome.

It was our first day on the show and we all thought that we were going to be going to the house and just settling and starting the next day. That didn’t happen. We showed up to where we thought was going to be the house and there was a giant red box hanging in the air and Tyson waiting for us. We soon found out we were going to be having our first photo shoot which involved the box. The surprise was that we were going to have to do it in our underwear with a partner. Jordan chose me as her partner and I was really looking forward to working with her until I got in the box. We couldn’t stand up because the box was too small and the heels I was wearing made it close to impossible to move. When we were in the air we couldn’t keep it level and we were told to make it dramatic while filling the box. The photographer was really difficult to work with and didn’t make us feel comfortable with what we were doing. He pretty much said "No you look ugly. Take them down."  So it all kind of sucked and I wasn’t feeling too good about my performance or how Jordan and I worked together. After that was over we got to go see the house …

The next day Nicole came to the house to give us our pictures from the photo shoot and Salome won the challenge. She was then told that she was going to be going on a go-see and she could bring one person with her. She picked me and I said that I was her choice because I was the least competition. We went to see Catherine Malandrino where we tried on some clothes and walked. I felt like an accessory to the entire thing. They told me that there are height requirements but I would make a good print model and they told Salome she just needed to improve her walk. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get more out of the experience. When we returned to the house we got to watch everyone finish getting waxed.  Later that night Cory came to the apartment and told us that every week we would be measured, so we all had to get undressed to be measured.

The next morning we woke up early and went to the location where we would be doing our elimination. I was dressed in this bright pink jacket and skirt with these hideous floaty looking things on my arms. It looked like I should’ve been carrying a poodle. Anyways it wasn’t that bad for a first time. Ken ended up being eliminated.

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