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colin describes his frustration with his and Kerryn's shoot this week.

It’s double elimination time. A scary concept.

I’m a fan of the theme for this week’s shoot. The sixties were visually neato. I think I can be mod-ed out pretty successfully. Working with a partner is always nerve-wracking. Kerryn was my first pick for the shoot from the moment Nicole and Tyson told us what was going on. Fun? Kerryn and I can do that.

Our shoot started a little slowly … which worried us. It was tricky getting to a place with high energy while we sit still in a dark corner. After a lot of tweaking (and terrible dancing on my part), Roxanne, the photographer, was finally happy with something we were doing. I must have leapt 200 times in order to get the right height, angle, body position, and faces while Kerryn danced her butt off. Roxanne said we got a great shot and Tyson gave us a 9 out of 10 for our performance. Alright. That’s an A-.

When Nicole showed us our photos I was pretty happy. Kerryn and I look like we’re having fun. I’m worried about Laury. The judges gave her an ultimatum last week. I don’t think her photo is over-the-top-blow-everyone-away exceptional that the judges demanded. Because of that, I feel like one of the two people going home is practically decided. I’ve just got to make sure that I’m not the other one.

The catwalk this week seems quite interesting. OMG Style Wars. I haven’t heard of it but it looks fun. While Kerryn and I were getting styled though I kind of got caught up in the moment and energy. During the actual walk I totally forgot to … walk. Or at least walk well. Kerryn and I planned on looking at each other halfway down the runway but when I turned, I saw her facing forward. This shook me up a little bit. At the end of the runway, I did a playful knuckle crack and head roll. This is a battle, right? The video we saw demonstrating style wars had some pretty ridiculous stuff going on so I thought I was being pretty conservative.

I’m in the bottom four.
This sucks.
Tyson and Nicole watched Kerryn and I during the shoot and didn’t once tell us to interact more, but the judges railed our photo for lack of chemistry. It would have been nice to know on set that there was something fundamentally wrong with what Kerryn and I were doing, but all we got for our shot was praise. Frustrating. I feel blindsided by the criticism we’re getting over something that was correctable during the shoot if someone had just said something.

Oh, and my walk was as bad as I thought.
I feel bad about having my partner sent home. I can’t help but feel partially responsible  Kerryn will be missed, but I’m happy to still be here. I made it to the top eight! If Make Me A Supermodel were a MySpace page, I’d be on the front. Huzzah!


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