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My Tummy Hurts

This week's most improved model talks about the candy challenge ... and the pain it can cause.

Dearest Journal,

Hey there.  How are you? I’m fine, thanks.
I’m sure that everyone is saying this … but … my tummy hurts. Whoever’s idea it was to bring candy back home from the shoot should be punished. I find myself taking a handful every time I walk by the dining room table (read: frequently).

But, yeah, the shoot. Being covered in warm liquid chocolate is really soothing. I recommend it to everyone. I’m a little frustrated that in spite of my comfort in my “outfit” I still looked stiff in front of the camera. I definitely need to work on that. And my eyes. Mirror time is in order.

The dudes around the house are saving me. Jonathan and Shawn are great work-out buds. I need to put on quite a bit of muscle and those two are great at pushing me. My chest is always sore. Ugh! I should probably be doing some pushups instead of writing. I’ll keep the rest brief.

The catwalk was much more comfortable for me this week. Branden has put in a lot of time with me and there are moments in front of the mirror when my walk looks almost real. I just need to work on getting it consistent, especially in front of the judges. It was fun to work with Salome. It’s nice to start to get to know her. I think we did well together and I’m glad the judges kept me around to tell me that they noticed my improvement. The advice they gave me about the photo shoots was really good and I look forward to bringing it to whatever ridiculous situation they put us in next week. 

On the drive back to the apartment “Like a Prayer” came on the radio and it made me homesick for Carleton (for a reason only Carleton students will understand). They keep us busy here and I’m enjoying all of the new people who surround me, but I wonder what all of my friends at school are up to.

I’ll try to write more in the upcoming weeks, and I’ll try to keep the mood more light. I don’t want all of my journal entries to be a total drag.


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