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Never Give Up

Karen reveals the models she thinks should have gone home instead.

Our next photo shoot we have to portray sporting poses while being hung up. I am partnered up with Sandhurst and Jordan. I am excited because I know we will have a great picture. Justin, the photographer, came around and gave us hints and ideas for the shoot. He was very helpful and friendly. Once we were all made up with hair and makeup, I was very anxious to do the shoot. We all looked very sporty and athletic.

When we start shooting, at first it took Jordan and I a second to get the hang of it. Once we figured how to leap and pose we were on a ball. The photograph kept saying "Good job, that looks good." This made us feel secure in getting a nice photo.

The runway challenge is themed after the photo shoot, so we have to think Olympic sports with posing and being inside this wire contraption. I am nervous because my original pose had my arms up, but of course I am put in something that limits my arm movement. I finally decide on a runner's stance. That was the only one that everyone could recognize. The judges were impressed. They thought my walk was terrible and my pose needed work. It was very frustrating because we aren't given much direction before the runway walk, and little time to figure out what to do.

I end up getting eliminated this week. It was very shocking seeing as Gabe had been in the bottom three weeks in a row. It's my first week in the bottom, and I get the boot. I know that I need work, but I felt like I should have been given another chance like everyone else. Out of everyone left on the stage, my picture that week was better than Salome's, Kerryn's, and Gabe's. It is what it is, and the only thing I can do is keep moving forward. You can't fail, if you never give up.

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