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Not a Great Week

CJ explains why she didn't like anything about this episode.

Next was the sports shoot. This I thought was going to be fun because I’m an athletic person and easier than most shoots. Unfortunately it was another group shot and it really had nothing to do with sports. We were put in harnesses and our group only had one prop. It was really difficult to do the poses we wanted because we had a slightly limited range of motion.  Anyways I was told to look like I was running for the ball and in the end it kind of just looked like I was hanging there. I was really annoyed by the shot they picked for our group and Gabe kicked me in the face twice during the shoot.

For catwalk day it was still sports themed but our outfits were ridiculous and the pose we had to do at the end of the runway was cheesy and not cool. I was in the ugly white bathing suit thing with these bandage-like shoes that hurt so bad. Once I had finally figured out what sport I was going to do they then added this big bulky wire thing that made it impossible for me to do the sport I wanted or any other one really. I then last minute decided to do archery but then found out Jordan was doing it too. It sucked because everyone thought I was copying her but it was the only thing I can do. I hated the makeup and just overall I wasn’t having a great week.

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