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Not Enough

Sandhurst describes his chemistry with his first partner, Mountaha.

The competition has started and on our arrival to the pier in Brooklyn. Tyson and his new co-host Nicole quickly threw us into our first shoot. We were going to pose in sexy sleepwear in a glass box, suspended in the air by a crane in pairs.

We were soon divided into the pairs and luckily I was paired with Mountaha. I was looking at her before and thought she was one of the standouts of the bunch.

You never realize how hard it is to formulate chemistry with someone when you are 50 feet in the air and you are trying to pay attention to the photographer and two mentors on the ground.  At first it was difficult to pose in the box because of my height but after awhile of standing shots, I decided that sitting would be a better idea. All in all the shoot went well and going first allowed for Mountaha and I to watch everyone else and assess the competition. 

Moving into the house was the long-awaited prize of months of uncertainty. As soon as I got in I laid claim to my bed and then started to roam through the rest of the house.

The next day we were waxed and measured and received our points. I was actually pleasantly surprised. For the runway I knew I had to finish strongly.

My catwalk on that night was strong but not my best. It was enough to get me into the top three and into next week. However, though I had a great day it was not the same for Ken. It just wasn’t enough for him.

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