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Not Showing any Cards

Sandhurst explains how he hid his walk from the competitors during their practice.

Everyone finds themselves facing their insecurities head on at one point in time or another and the photo shoot for this week found me facing mine: my skin. Though I have not allowed these insecurities to affect my dreams and aspirations, they still exist like a nagging pebble in your shoe.

For this photo shoot we were asked to pose opposite a mirror emitting an emotion in your reflection. With my teen years filled with the joys of acne and still marked by their scars, my reflection to me exposed the flaws that I have so tried to overcome.

The shoot I must admit was uncomfortable at first but Indira and Michael made the process much easier for me. In the end I was able to deliver a shot that was strong, but did it fulfill the brief?

The catwalk for this week was entitled “Beautiful Freaks” and based on the brief as given to us by Nicole, we were told to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. In the practice walk I decided not to show my creativity for this artistic walk due to the fact that the competition had begun to take notice. So I basically walked slowly down the catwalk turning my head from side to side. Michael seemed to be shocked and slightly irritated at my catwalk and in my mind I was like “Sorry but I’m not showing any cards tonight.” When we got back to the styling room I continued to practice a slow routine one that resembled all the rest; the art of diversion.

When I got on the runway I portrayed a hyperactively happy freak. I was having a great time until my chin piece fell off. Being the stage ham that I am I decided to incorporate it into my walk, and in the end it added a little more to my routine. In the end I was called to the top three for the third time. It felt great to be there. Personally, I felt I had missed the brief on the emotional aspect of the shoot, but at the same time a strong confident shot was revealed in addition to a crazy walk added a lil action to a slow catwalk.  n the end it was Shawn’s time to go.

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