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Of Montreal

Branden talks about booking a modeling gig at Montreal Fashion Week.

Today’s photo shoot was amazing. We got to do a photo shoot with the mirror and I like the mirror. Ha! And we got introduced to Michael Bergin, the dude off of Baywatch which was really COOL. But the coolest part of the day was that me and Amanda won the photo shoot and we get to go to Montreal, Canada for Fashion Week. Another sweet part was that we both got to bring one person with us. Amanda chose Mountaha and I chose Colin so after the photo shoot we were escorted in our cool Suburban to the Maybelline studio to try out some new looks which was rad. Then we got to see our tour bus which was freaking awesome. It is huge. I feel like a rock star! Well I can’t wait to see Canada tomorrow! Good night.

So Montreal was amazing today. I mean not only did I book the runway show, we all did, and that was awesome and Zhin Ba our designer said that me and Colin did a great job and that made me feel confident. Other than that it was crazy. I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one place and what was funny about that was Colin was getting a lot of them. I’m proud of him. Well now we’re going back to New York so I hope I can get some sleep.

Today’s runway was crazy. We had to be beautiful freaks which was weird. I feel like such a jackass though because I didn’t get the brief and I made myself look like a fool up there. The sad part of the day was Shawn went home. That sucks but that’s how it is.

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