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On My Own

Jordan describes her preference for solo challenges.

Another week, another competition. We got a nice wake-up call today telling us not to miss the bus. Sure enough, we go outside and there’s a school bus. So we’re driving around for awhile, and we finally arrived at a school. We walk to the football field and there’s Tyson and Nicole.  We find out that we’re going to do a shoot in groups … again. This shoot looked like so much fun alone. But, I was ready to do anything at this point. I’m glad I was paired up with Sandhurst and Karen because we worked well together. The shoot was so fun, but a lot of us were bruised and battered from the wires. This was the hardest challenge yet.

Going into the catwalk, I was praying that we would be able to walk home. I did not want to be paired up again. Thankfully, we were going to walk alone. When I saw the posing we had to do at the end of the runway, I got a little worried. I had no clue what to do. I finally got an idea, which was archery. I was excited for my idea, until I found out CJ was doing the exact same pose as me. It only motivated me to do better, and I feel like I really rocked it out. When elimination came, I was feeling pretty confident. I was safe this week, and it felt so good. It was nice to go home and finally relax. When everyone came home, and I found out KK was sent home, I was so shocked. I felt bad because KK was in my group, but the judges had to base their decisions on individual performances. I was also pretty shocked that Kerryn won immunity. She must have done something right. Oh well, I’m still here, and that’s all that matters.

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