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Pixie Dust

Gabe talks about his candy transformation.

I awoke to flashes of the heavens, as my eyes adjusted to the changing light I was informed as to what the day's activities entailed.

We traveled to a studio in NY where we were greeted by a trail of luminous color candy. The trail led to Nicole and Tyson who informed us of what our next shoot was. We were then set up into different groups depending on which type of candy we were going to be. I was a pixie stick. I was created through intricate and innovative design, however in the end it was hard to take myself seriously as a flaming piece of candy. I felt good about the shoot as the photographer told me that we got several good images. I portrayed a pixie stick well? Lol. Branden got lucky due to being a candy cane that got to stand emotionless doing nothing. I hated the runway. I felt the show was so cheesy it was hard to get into character.

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