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Pure Luck

Gabriel questions his partner, Salome's, win.

We arrived in Brooklyn with high expectations, without the slightest clue as to what was in store for us. A large cube was hanging suspended 30 feet in the air, with a massive encampment of trailers and creative individuals surrounding us and the set. Directly in front of us we saw Tyson standing tall, draped in black from head to toe. Several thoughts raced through my mind as I was wondering what would be in store for us. Tyson greeted us and unveiled the mysterious cube which contained Nicole. They informed us that they would be mentoring us this year instead of judging us. They also told us that we, like Nicole, would be suspended towards the heavens in pairs of two's shooting with fashion photographer Perou. I was then trying to figure out who I would want to be paired with for the shoot. I was picked by Salome and had high hopes and expectations for our shoot. We then were put through make-up and hair followed by styling. I got to see a few other groups in action before Salome and I were put in the cube, and quickly realized that it was going to be much harder than it originally looked. Me and Salome were trying to create an intimate moment together in the cube. Once we got up in the cube things did not go as planned. I tried to be into Salome but she felt nervous and uncomfortable and kept pulling away. I was shocked that she was picked as the photo winner as I thought her pose in the image to be complete luck. In fact she threw her arm in frustration saying that the photographer was not taking enough frames, just as Perou took the photo.

The very next day we had another surprise in store for us. Nicole let us all know that we would be getting waxed. Being waxed was extremely painful to say the least. My face felt like a flute as pain and screams left my body from highs to lows. As the waxing ended I sat up and lifted my head to see a vibrant red liquid fleeing from my body.

The next day we arrived on set for our runway show and first elimination. I was safe which was very relaxing and calming to in contrast to my prior emotions and endless thoughts of stress and anxiety.

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