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Rock It

Jonathan gives his first impressions of the competition.

The loft/apartment/flat (whatever you call it, call it home!)

So me and my new potential supermodel friends are moving into our new digs. Door opens and we run inside. Not knowing how the sleeping situation was going to be I feel like everyone raced inside to make sure they got a decent bed!

I was last in the lineup, which meant I was one of the last to find my bed. Luckily it was with a bunch of cool people: Sandhurst, Gabriel, and Ken. We all had a sit down and a talk a little bit about ourselves.

Going to bed felt very strange as it was the first time I have ever not said goodnight to my beautiful wife and baby boy. No phones, no contact with the outside world. This is going to be weird.

The Box Photo Shoot

All lined up by the water in Brooklyn, Tyson revealed we would not be judged by him, we would be judged by another panel. His job was going to be mentoring for the boys and the girls would be mentored by Nicole who entered the scene in a box hanging from a crane.

We all got paired up and told to pose half naked in sexy sleepwear in this plexiglass box.

My partner was Laury so I thought we’d have a really interesting contrast in looks.

I felt we gelled really well together and I had a lot of fun. It was obviously quite awkward, as I’m married, to be trying to capture an intimate NY moment with another woman!

After the shoot we were given the keys to our new digs and we only had the address so had to navigate our way on the NY subway.

In the morning Nicole gave us modeling portfolio books for our box shoot. Looking at my picture I was a little disappointed as my pose looked quite stagnant.

Salome won the shoot with her pic and went on a “go-see” with CJ.

Just hanging out we got a knock at the door and discovered that we were all to be waxed of all our body hair! It hurts! My armpits feel naked!


We all arrived at the catwalk location and had to walk in front of Tyson and Nicole to practice our walk. Mine was deemed pretty good so I wasn’t that worried. Into wardrobe and makeup, I wasn’t in love with my outfit but I was gonna try to rock it anyway. 

I was nervous but more excited and had fun walking out alone and having all eyes on me for a brief moment. After the catwalk poor Ken from my room in the loft got eliminated. Sad to see him go as he was my workout buddy.

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