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Rock the Shoot

Salome talks about her underwater photos and who is annoying her.

This week’s photoshoot is an underwater shoot. Salome is already freaking out because she can’t swim and I’m so extremely excited because we were at Howard’s house upstate and he’s this amazing underwater photographer, super well-known and has been on the business for a long time. It’s such a cool experience but it’s freezing out. OK the water was heated, so we’re fine. We all get a little practice with Howard on the water. He’s simply amazing and caring. The idea is shooting underwater with a net looking graceful. It’s my turn and I’ve been trying to focus and really rock the shoot. Howard gives me great feedback and tells me I looked amazing. I’m having a super fun day. The leaves have changed colors. His house is simply sick. What a great day. We get home really late and we’re all so tired. The next day N comes over with the books. Jordan won the shoot but I love my pic. She picks Salome. They go to a go-see. The catwalk this week is fire and ice. Girls in all red and guys in all white. I had this amazing Lanvin trench coat and a headpiece. I felt amazing and the judges loved my pic and my walk. It was just perfect to hear that from them. It’s been so amazing and I've learned so much more than I already knew. This has been simply phenomenal.

Gabe is sent home. We were all kinda sad at first, but we have to deal with it, especially Amanda, but it was mostly trying to call attention for herself. Ahhh she gets on my nerves sometimes with so much complaining.

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