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Sex, Lies, and Modeling

Salome talks about her win and reveals the other models' secrets.

I, Salome am in New York everybody! This is going to be a life-changing experience! I feel like I am being reborn. It is almost like when I left home. I feel like I have the whole world in front of me; I just have to reach out and embrace it. I feel like a fish out of water though. I have never ridden in a taxi, subway, train, or bus. This is the only form of transportation for a model here in NYC. I'm nervous. Give me a horse or a cow this ex-Mennonite would be much more at home!
I don't know what's happening. I don't know whether I'm here for a day just to be sent home or whether I will be blessed to be chosen to live in the house and be transformed from barista and server into supermodel.

I want this SOOO much. I need this to stretch me to my fullest potential! I want the world to live through my experience. I want people to know no matter what crazy background they have you can go beyond what you ever imagined you can.

Two years ago I was a Mennonite girl in a long solid colored dress to my ankles with a cap on my head covering my hair that came down to my knees. I was living without TV, radio, computer, musical instruments. I didn't even know what a reality TV competition was. I am being flown to New York because I am one of the 28 in the nation chosen to be on Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel. Snap!

I see my competitors. OH WOW! Everybody is so unique and beautiful. I feel at home with the height. Everyone is tall. I do believe I have the biggest butt of all the gals. UH-OH!

We get to do our untrained walk in front of Cory and Tyson. Then we are told to strip and they come along with a magic marker and make big black Xs on our fat, my stomach, butt, or inner thigh are my need-to-work-on spots.Now for elimination! It's really weird to hear people be told, "I'm sorry we cannot make you a supermodel." My adrenaline is pumping until I get told I made it and get an invitation ... to Ferry Landing. House maybe? To this I take a cab, get that. I get out to see Tyson standing by the water with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. There is a crane holding a big red box in the air. I think we have a photo shoot in the air! But is is sooo cold! There is oodles of people around to watch us! Models keep arriving till there is a big string of us.

Tyson tells us he is not going to be a judge; he is to be the boys' mentor and that they are brining a supermodel in to be the girls' mentor. I start looking at trying to figure out who ... Naomi Campbell runs through my mind and it scares me! Suddenly the crane starts letting the big red box down. The sides fall open and there is the most perfectly formed lady posed in it. She is amazing. I am excited to talk to her and learn from her, Nicole.

We are told we are going to be shot in this plexi-glass blox hung for NYC to see. Oh wait there is a catch. We are shooting with a partner. I have never done this before! We will randomly be selected to pick. I'm second to choose so I pick Gabriel. I think we will look and work well together. Oh wait there is another catch: It is in sexy underwear and we are to have a moment! If our first shoot is this what is our second shoot gonna be like?

I'm excited to be working with a photog that has shot all kinds of famous people. The only name I recognize is Coldplay! Perou is very interesting looking. Black coveralls, black hat, and square black glasses, heavy rocker rings on each finger. Skulls and more skulls. I want one for my big toe.

Somehow the order of shooting got messed up — instead of last, we were middle.So I was running back and forth between buses getting my wardrobe and makeup done. I ended u[ getting my makeup done in 5 minutes max. I'm nervous! Here is my time to stand out among 16 people!

I'm enjoying the energy that is around me. Gabriel and I decide to just have no hesitation, no uncomfortableness. Just go for the win and have a lot of chemistry.

We climb in the box and lots of people are standing around. The box is five feet tall and I'm six feet and Gabriel is in here with me. It's hot and tight. We start working with each other while the crane picks us up. We get up 50 feet and Perou starts shooting. We look down and oh, he's not even looking at us; he's talking to someone else. So do we use those poses again or do we stop moving altogether. I have never done a shoot with such a lack of communication with the photographer. We just keep moving and hope he likes what he sees. The box drops and we are done. Gabriel and I are both hot and confused and we worry: Did we give enough?

I ask Nicole, "How could I have improved?" She says I was great and didn't need to change. Does she say this to everyone? I'm still worried.

People tell me we did great and we were the best. I think they are trying to be nice. Gabriel made the move to kiss in the box and and I kinda pulled away. Did I make a big mistake for holding back?

After everyone is done shooting we are told we have to take the subway home. I'm pissed! We haven't been fed all day. They brought sandwiches right before our shoot & by the time we were done they are all half eaten or gone. So I haven't eaten all day and now we have to to walk home because I know nothing about subways. They give us a map and we take off. We get to the subway station and the train we need is out of commission. We have to walk in the heels we have been in all day with empty stomachs to another station.Finally we get out of the subway. Now which way do we go? I'm the one that figures it out. We walk and finally I look over and there is the right number. It is a skyrise condo called Forte. I take off running. Food and beds but a fight first for it. (We go to a cafe and have sandwiches and wraps).

Laury opens the door we rush in. It's very modern and ugly blues. I pick a bed in the corner window and I get the upper bunk. I want to be in the center activity.

We do a toast with sparkling wine and sparkling apple juice for the underage people. Then we go to the living room and pile on the bean bags and start telling people a little about us:
Kerryn can't orgasm. So sad! Has she been faking it? Yes and sometimes she tells the man ahead of time.

Gabriel says he's a virgin ... people believe him and Colin jumps up and says "Me too!" I know Gabriel is lying.

Shawn is married to a man.

Amanda has a nine-month-old baby.

CJ dates men only but is attracted to women but can't date women because they are too needy. How does that work?

Jonathan is married with a baby boy.

Mountaha is Brazilian.

Sandhurst is from Trinidad and Tobago and is  a classical ballet dancer.

We finally crash and go to bed.Nicole comes with a stack of gray portfolios with our names on them. We take turns getting them. I kinda don't like my picture and I kinda like the arm out. What was the vision? Whoever wins the picture gets a go-see. We have to wait for a phone call ... how long? I'm impatient.
Branden answer sthe phone. Cory wants to talk to ME! I jump up and down I'm squealing and dancing. I can't believe I won. It is the last thing I expected! I have to take someone of the same sex with me to Catherine Malandrino to meet with John James.

I pick CJ "because I can beat her" hopefully. We look nothing alike. I'm tall, short, dark-haired, and she's short, blond, curvy.

People get upset but I think they are overreacting. I need to consider their feelings and be more careful with how I say stuff, even though it is a competition.

We get waxed and then a SUV waits for us. The ride is quiet!

John James meets us, looks at our books we change he has us walk. My walk needs more confidence and CJ is too short and should focus on print. Cory comes and measures us.
Runway is good I wear a gorgeous dress that was like clouds and water and feathers.Amazing.
The judges like my walk but I don't win immunity because they don't want me to get too big of a head. I think that is ridiculous. Because of one comment I have a big head! Anybody that knows me knows I don't have a big head. How did I portray myself wrong?

The judges thought Ken wasn't taking it seriously and looked like Zoolander so he went home. Jordan won immunity.

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