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Sweat and Tears

Kerryn talks about her intimate moment with Jonathan and winning.

So today we were woken up by some crazy guy decked out in camo banging pots and pans right by our heads. As I raise up to see whose causing the racket I see that it’s Tyson. Just in time for him to rip my covers off and tell me (well all of us) to get out of bed and we have 10 minutes to get ready and get downstairs. 

We come outside to get pushed into an army truck — we know now that we are riding to our photo shoot in a military truck. Can I scream "COLD?" But even though it’s cold all I can think is how my brother does this every day and how I’d rather be cold than hot … and when he’s in Iraq it’s 100+ degrees outside, usually 120-140 degrees, so personally I think we got it easy.

So we just pulled up in Camden NJ, right across the river from Philly and we are staring at the Battleship USS NJ. My dad’s gonna be so jealous. I hope we get to run around on it.

Oh crap we have just been given our assignment and it’s another group photo but with a twist: It’s going to be a ménage a trois. Here’s the kicker: My best friend jonathan is in my group and I love him with all my heart but like a brother. Plus he’s married and I want to be able to hang out with his wife someday. So I’m freaking out a little, OK, a LOT. At least it’s someone I trust and he’s got a lot on his mind too so I’m glad in a way he’s my partner. We both know we’ll be in other places while we are acting out our parts.

And lo and behold me and Jonathan ended up kissing during the shoot and we both knew it was the job and as uncomfortable as I was we got a great picture out of it and Jonathan won the photo shoot so YEA! The reason I was so uncomfortable was because everybody kept making a big deal out of it. During the shoot and after the shoot people kept making jokes about him needing to find a divorce lawyer, and yes they were jokes but the way Jonathan has talked about his Amanda, she isn’t going to freak out it was for the competition. They love each other and it’s amazing. Their relationship has given me a new hope that there can still be relationships like that and that hopefully someday I’ll have a relationship like that and it’s not something to even joke about.

Oh and so Jonathan got to go on a go-see with Gabe to audition for an underwear label — perfect for both of them and when they got back they didn’t think they booked it but a few hours later Jon got a phone call from the company saying he booked it and now he’s going to be the cover face for their Web site YEA X2!!!

RUNWAY – Gender Bender

So we are patiently waiting for Tyson and Nicole to tell us our runway challenge when they drop the bomb: girls in suits and boys in skirts! We knew after that it would be a fun day. We did constantly tease the boys about heels but I guess they didn’t have to wear them. As one of the girls I got a super cool suit — one of the two white ones — and I have since then decided I have to buy a pair of white pants — they looked awesome. I had perfectly straight hair and a killer smoky eye so my confidence was up but when I hit the runway all I could see were Perou’s sunglasses. He is so distracting (or his sunglasses are rather) so I was a little uncomfortable with my walk but I knew I had a good picture so I felt safe and then they tripped us up and judged us as groups. The final six left were Sandhurst, Mountaha, Gabriel, me, Jonathan, and CJ.

I have officially learned my lesson that less is more and that I need to keep my mouth shut. If I never would have said how uncomfortable with the shoot I don’t think I would have gotten the lecture about acting GRR but it ended with me getting immunity again! And CJ going home.

Immunity feels good but the pressure of the competition is just beginning. 

P.S. The day we got our books back, we had a surprise visitor – Cory!  And to say the least I was scared. With the guys’ help, but mostly my will power I have been working out and dieting so I’m nervous about my measurements. But my measurements went from 33, 27, 37 to 34, 26, 36!

I think my bust was off before anyway but it felt great knowing that inches are coming off and all my work isn’t for nothing.

Can I tell you not only am I an emotional wreck with the pressure here but changing the way I eat and the way I live has completely been a huge hurdle that I have overcome. My sweat and tears are finally starting to pay off.

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