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The X Factor

Nicole breaks down the models' nude photo shoot performances.

The models had their naked shoot so let's go through everyone. First we have Branden, who needed a lot of direction from Tyson.

Branden wasn't that strong this week. He was really childish. His child side came through. He was really insecure. He's a teenage boy. It was interesting to see that cockiness get shut down when he took all of his clothes off, becuase he was vulnerable. He's losing confidence, which is one of the most important things you need to have as a model.

Did you know how homesick he was?

No, not at all. I was really shocked to see him crying. I think it was really beautiful that he could be so open with how he feels. I get it. I understand that he's on a reality TV show so it's hard to tell us what's going on sometimes. I don't know if he had told Tyson, but that vulnerability really came out.

Next we have Jonathan. He did well.

Jonathan is good. He works well. He's doing great. Everyone likes him and he's got confidence. I'm not his biggest fan though, because there's nothing that makes him memorable to me. He's a hot guy, but there's nothing memorable in my opinion.

He had some financial troubles at home. Did you know that was happening?

I had no idea. That's another thing. Your personal life gets exposed on TV and he did well with that. He didn't let it affect his work at all, but Branden did. He's good at leaving his personal stuff at home. He's very professional and he handles himself well, I'm just not so into his look. He's hot and everyone loves him, but it's not that unique to me.

What about Salome?

I was so proud of Salome. She just took her clothes off! The other models were very jealous. You know what? She won. That's all that matters. She had the worst situation to go into the shoot with. Everyone else was already in a better place, and yet she came out the best. I've seen her posing in front of the mirror. She was conscious that she wasn't in a great place, but she really tried her best. It wasn't manipulated by anyone or anything. She has a beautiful face. She worked it and she deserved it. When she came through the door she looked like a superstar. She's a little bit of a diva, but she looked like a star.

What about Mountaha?

Mountaha is really creative and she's the type of girl that loves to move. You kinda got to let her do her thing. She doesn't take direction so well. It kind of cuts down her confidence when someone tells her what to do. That's a downside to modeling, you have to take direction well. She's got her own thing going on and that will work for her in some cases, but in others it's going to go against her.

What about Sandhurst? He won the catwalk challenge.

Sandhurst was beautiful this week. I loved his nude photo and he really knows how to work his body. He has a great energy and he's really witty and soulful.

Have you ever had to do any catwalk like the butterfly globes?

I wish I did. I thought it was such a beautiful idea.

What about Jordan?

I think Jordan was quite blank. She's not giving anything. Her expression and everything. I watched her doing the shoot. She's not as energetic as the others and she's not as creative.

Finally we have Amanda, who went home.

All of the anxiety she had starting working against her. It started to show in her face. She wasn't easy. She had a lot of tension in her body and her face and it showed in her pictures and on the runway. It worked against her. That's the reason she went home. She lost all form of confidence and she was just anxious. It's a shame. She doesn't have an animalistic body. She's got boobs and no ass, and it's a hard body to work for the modeling industry. She was just very sexy and that's not really about sexy, it's about supermodel and it's about the X factor. The fashion industry isn't necessarily looking for a girl they can have sex with. They might not be into a girl like Amanda who is straight "guy hot."

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