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Think Pink

Salome talks about becoming pink and missing her boyfriend.

We follow a candy trail from the subway to the studio. I'm guessing candy for clothes? Sure enough we are going to be body painted and are supposed to represent different candy. We are not totally naked we have pasties and are shooting from waist up. Still a little scary. I am a pixie stick and that includes a pink pixie wig, pink body paint, pink sprinkles, and my makeup is the coolest kinda done like a pink KISS (the hardcore metal band dude). I don't feel naked with all this goop on; it's kinda like light itchy clothes. Nicole brought her friend Jessica Gomes, a Sports Illustrated model, to give us tips.

The shoot is almost less than 10 minutes. Either Suza got it fast or she thought I was a waste of time. I feel good about it but you never know. I had to wait for my turn to shower. The glitter is glued on and it feels like sandpaper when you try to wash it off. I use oil etc and after 30 minutes I give up and get dressed with a sparkly body.

Jordan wins the photo shoot and Mountaha goes with her to Miss Sixty. Colin and I practice expressions in front of the mirror. I want him to do well. Tabatha comes to our house. She says she really can't change my hair much. We'll get a trim and go darker. I guess it's close enough to perfect! LOL. I'm surprised I don't go red or blond. I love my short hair and I'm glad I get to go back darker. Clyde cuts my hair and he also cuts Holly from last season's hair. I love it and I will get super great luck and win too! I love my new cut and color it looks so healthy. Today's runway is with partner. Oh NO! I don't think it will be very easy to walk with a partner. The chance we will ever need to is extremely small; designers rarely do it. Colin is my partner; at least I like Colin! Wait there is a catch. We will be carrying props down the runway too. Candy is our prop. I pick a HUGE lollipop because it matches my outfit. Last week Catherine Malandrino told me I should try something, so I am. It weighs 15 pounds and is so sticky it bruises me from sticking and twisting and I can't hold it by the handle because it will shatter. I'm going down or I'm gonna do well. We do OK. Gabe, Chris, and CJ are in the bottom. Branden wins immunity. Chris goes home. He needs to be either more masculine or more feminine.

I'm missing my boyfriend. It's weird not to be working 16 hours a day! Instead making TV it is much more stressful. We never have time off and I'm surrounded by people and situations I don't understand.

I can't talk to my family or Terry. Where am I to release my stress and catch my breath? How long can I go without a recharge? When will we be allowed to make a phone call? HELP! I need something familiar. I need a hug, kiss, and cuddle. I'm sick tonight. I have the cold and aches that are going around.

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