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Too Sexy

Amanda reacts to the criticism that she's too sexy.

This week’s e-mail said that we would be working with someone or something that may not understand what we have to say. I was thinking we might be working with someone who spoke a different language or something. But it ended up being an animal that we were going to be working with. I was so excited for this shoot because this is totally my element. I live around a few farms and ranches so I feel like I’m at home.

I got paired up with a horse and I’m so happy because I love horses! They are so gentle and calm. The horse I was working with was absolutely beautiful and was super easy to work with.  The photographer gave great direction and at the end of the day I feel very good about the shoot. The next day, Nicole came and gave us our books. My picture turned out good for the most part. I’m not sure if it was the best out of the bunch but I’m happy with it. I just hope the judges like it. That really is the only thing that matters.

The runway for this week was all about the country rich folk. I’m excited about this catwalk because the clothes are very sophisticated. However, after I walked and was in front of the judges, there was a little bit of mixed opinions about how I did. One of the judges said I was his favorite and the others called me too sexy. Which is shocking because I’ve never really been called sexy before. In the end, I was in the bottom two, and Colin was sent home. I’m still kind of shell-shocked. But maybe this is what I needed to push me even further. That’s exactly what I’m going to do next week … work and try even harder than ever before because everyone thinks I’m going home next week. My goal is to blow everyone’s shoes off and prove that I do belong here.

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