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Trying to Cut the Fat!

Find out what Tyson has to say about this week's elimination.

It was all about the country this week. What was the biggest challenge about working with animals like that?

They're animals. They're not gonna work with you. Animals are a good judgement of character. If you're gentle with them. If they can trust you from the beginning and then you're good. If you have to gain their trust it's going to take a little while to work with them. I've had a great experience with animals. Dogs. Goats. Peacocks. Everything. I don't like to work with snakes. I despise them. In the movie industry we do get trained ones.

Some of the models thought they had an advantage because they had worked with animals before. First there was Salome and she did a good job.

She did a good job. She did alright. I didn't think it was that great.

Then Amanda, who was criticized for acting too sexy.

I liked it. If we were selling jeans it would have been great and it made it look sexy. I thought it was great, but I guess it was a little too sexy for what they were trying to achieve. I understand.

Then Branden. He didn't like his shot and the judges did.

He didn't like his shot but he did good. Models are the worst critics of themselves. You really need to let it go and not let thinking you're not doing a good job get in the way. He could have come off a little bit better if he knew he was doing a good job. If I was there I would have told him he was doing a good job. You just need one person to tell you you're doing a good job. When you get in your head like that it can really mess you up.

Do you think he was trying too hard to not be too cocky?

Yeah. That's really what he's going through. I didn't really love his walk and that's always been an issue with him. The guest judge, Harry Josh, hit that on the head.

He was a great judge.

He was a great judge because he is so real. He's there. I like when we swap out like that. He brings so much animation to what we're talking about. He sees what I see.

What about Jonathan?

His problem is with the arms. He walks like he's a big guy. All of a sudden he felt he had to take on this role. This John Wayne thing. Please don't do it, you know? We can't seem to get him to put his arms down.

Then Mountaha. She had some trouble with her animal.

Oh yeah. I think the calf felt it. You saw how Sandhurst acted, how he was so gentle with it and the way he was speaking. The way Mountaha had it was really rush rush rush. She's so tense and it shows and it doesn't show her good side.

Sandhurst won the go see and people like his pictures, but people don't like his walk.

It really is hard to do both. People don't get it. Supermodels make it look easy so it can flip back and forth and people need to understand that it's a hard thing to do.

He talked about his big thighs and how they were a problem on the go see.

That's the biggest thing about a dancer's body. It's the thighs. That's the main tool that they work with. He and Branden are also 6'3. That's very tall.

What about Jordan?

She's so skinny. Got a great face. Don't get me wrong. She's caught up with Amanda. It's the brunette who can't stand the blonde. She's putting so much energy and time worrying about Amanda. She's got that look. If your problem is hating, you don't have the energy for the job. Amanda has no clue. None. Do I think Amanda even cares?

How's Amanda doing?

She should have never gotten caught up with Gabe. Love can happen anywhere. Not if it's between love, lust, and work. Her heart is caught up with Gabe and it's interfering with her work. We've seen girls in the industry over the years and they get caught up with these boyfriends and their work suffers for it. Her mind is so scattered that she can't concentrate while she's there. She's getting frazzled. She doesn't look as good as she did and she's not making good judgements on the catwalk.

Finally, Colin.

I was done with him. So done carrying him. Nicole really got mad at me. I was trying to cut the fat! He was good to look at, but that's all. He had no clue of the business. Did you see him with that steer? Boy, what are you doing? You look like you have a bad case of diarrhea. Even the photographer said it. If you go back to the beginning that's all we've been saying about the guy. I've worked with him so much. You don't see that.

Do you think he should pursue modeling?

No. He's just that good looking doctor that you love to go see. Even though you have no pain you still wanna go and see him. You say, "Doc, it hurts right here, I need to you to help me..." and you could be naked and he wouldn't know what to do with you. Love you boy, but this is not the business for you. Graduate school. He'll get laid. Please. Trust me. I hope someone jumps his bones.

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