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Wet 'n' Wild

Colin assesses his performance in this week's underwater challenge.

The drive to our photo shoot this week may have been the longest yet, but it was also the prettiest. Actually getting out of the city and learning that autumn was happening, and the winding lane roads still exist reminded me of Virginia. As awesome as New York City has been, I still feel most comfortable in a town like Charlottesville. I suppose I’ll have to model well enough to be able to afford houses in both places. Yikes. That’s a pretty lofty goal.

But anyway, Connecticut is gorgeous. Who knew? The house we pulled up to is pretty fantastic. I’m a little surprised that this week’s photographer invited us into his home. Looks like we have to be on our best behavior.

Hearing that we were going to have an underwater shoot made me excited. I used to love going to the pool when I was a kid. Whenever my family would go on road trips, I remember my brother and I begging that the hotel at which we stop has a pool. The point: the water should be fun.

During our awesome practice session with Howard before the shoot we had to practice sinking to the bottom of the pool. Even with a huge breath, Jonathan and Sandhurst would sink. I, however, needed to exhale about ¾ of my lung capacity to drop like a stone. Hm. Looks like I need to hit the gym. I have too much buoyancy (read: pudge). 

Howard probably has the kindest soul in the universe. During my shoot he had a lot (too many?) nice things to say and directed the shoot like it had a plot. Interesting stuff. I felt like I was just getting warmed up when time ran out. Did I give 100%? Would it come across in the photo?

When Nicole came the next day, both questions were answered: no, and no, not really, respectively. I like the photo. Phew. Actually, I really like the photo. Best one yet?

The runway this week was fire and ice. The dudes look pretty cool in pale suits. My walk is something I’ve been working on a lot. Because I liked my photo this week but still didn’t make the top three I can’t help but wonder if my walk is still keeping me down. My nerves in front of the judges need to get under control. I feel like I never do as well in front of them as I do in practice.

Ah well.
Next time.


P.S.: Gabe, you will be missed.

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