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What More Can I Do?

Salome describes this week's competition and her go-see.

I wake up and my eyes are swollen shut from an allergic reaction to the paint. It itches and I have to do a shoot today! Ice cubes take the swelling down some. Enough to be slightly less swollen.
Amanda went bye-bye. Now there are three boys and three girls. One in six chances I will win $100,000 and be a supermodel.
Jonathan, Sandhurst, Mountaha and I go work out at 6 a.m.
We models are to prepare to get Rowdy. We take the subway to 45th street between 9th and 10th. We walk through the rain and meet up with Tyson and Nicole on a rooftop.
Today we are shooting for Dallas Austin. He is a music producer for Gwen Stefani and Madonna. He just designed a new clothing line called Rowdy. We will be shooting his premiere ad campaign. There is no set time for us to shoot. We each have at least two looks but it is up to the photographer Patrick Anderson and Dallas to pull us out and put us in according to their vision. We will be in solo, group, and doubles depending on how they like.
Tyson gives the guys and Nicole gives the gals one-on-ones.
Nicole tells me to be personable, workable, powerful. The client is on set, a big deal advantage or disadvantage depending on how we use it.
We go into hair and makeup. The boys get done first. Patrick takes them and immediately starts shooting. Jordan and I are last. Suddenly we realize everyone has had a couple looks and hours later we still haven't shot anything.
It hits us if we don't get ourselves up there we will get no shots and no shots equals no pictures in our book. So we pretty much force ourselves up to the roof.
They make a group shot. Then Mountaha and I do a couple shots together.
We go back to styling; they want to do just one more look for the girls. Jordan and I explain to the stylist our situation so we get one more look before the last shot. We fight over Jonathan. This shoot is so much fun!
We girls go to change into Dallas' dream of his campaign. He has always wanted girls in men's underwear with no tops on saying "for me" underneath.
Here we go — boobies again! I realize this is where I need to rock! It is a sure shot and I want to show the judges a couple curves are hot! I need a solo shot. I will make my body look perfect in men's underwear and men's boots.
We three girls shoot together, standing sitting on a beam. Girl power, the men love it! It is cold and windy and we are here with no clothes on. I block out what my family will say to me when they see this. I try to make my curves high fashion and not anything pornographic! We look up and the guys are watching. Surprise. Dallas pulls Mountaha and Jordan out and I shoot by myself. I feel good. They shoot Mountaha and Jordan alone too. It's a wrap. Dallas hugs us and says we rock!
Before Nicole comes we girls are discussing how uncool it is that the boys got hours of shooting yesterday and we girls only got around one. Common sense says that if you have 2,000 shots your chance of having a great shot is much more likely than if you only have 200 shots. We will probably have a boobie shot and that's it.
Nicole arrives with only one book. She tells us that's because there is only one winner. We girls tell her how we feel. She says, "Salome do you have confidence?" I need to stop questioning my strength. She says the best models don't have to have all day to get the shot. I still feel like Jonathan could win; he shot all day!
I am the only person with four pictures. I only like the one of me alone. Who wins? Mountaha is really strong and has three pictures. Jonathan only has one with his eyes closed. Shocking!
Cory calls and I am the winner. Two wins in a row. This is awesome! Three out of the last four shots. I am so happy I am taking people's vision and translating it to the BEST. I'm the favorite to work with and I am getting the job done fast! I'm so proud of myself.
I'm going on a go-see to Alice & Olivia. Feminine clothes that look good on any woman. There is no job in particular. We are just going to show our faces to them for the future. Mountaha is my pick of the week.
We get a one-on-one from Nicole and she tells us to meet her in the living room.
Tyson and Nicole feel like we need anothermake over to give us supermodel wow factor. Tyson picked looks for the guys. Nicole for us girls. The only thing I don't want is weave glued to my head. I love my short hair. Nicole looks a little uneasy when I say that! Uh-oh!
We take a car to the park where Fashion Week is held at.
We go upstairs and meet Stacey the designer and Melissa the casting director. They look through our books. They love the pixie stick shots. The first thing they tell us is they don't usually book short-haired girls.
We try on clothes and they take Polaroids. Stacey stands up and is popping in 10 days pregnant in six-inch heels. WOW she is adorable. The only thing that doesn't work on me is the pants; they are too short.
They tell Mountaha she is too edgy. Stacey says I have a sweet face and she kinda likes the contrast of my short hair with her feminine clothes. They may use me for their summer shoot. They will over the pics to compare and let us know if they need us.
We go to Cutler to get our makeovers. Rodney Cutler seats us. He tells me I'm getting long hair!
I'm hesitant. He tells me it's not glued or sewn to my head. It's hair added to my hair and I won't hardly know it's there. If this is what the judges need to see me as a Supermodel then OK. I'm excited about instant long hair.
Seven hours later I'm finally done I have an aching scalp and a couple inches longer hair. It's kinda a long bob. My hair was too short to put in the extensions in the back. So I kinda just have long hair over the ears. I'm just ready to go home. I have to get up in like five hours.
Runway is with Heelys, those shoes kids wear with wheels on the bottom. Isn't it about time to get real with the runways and quit just making it ridiculous for show.
We will get bonus points for wearing Heelys but we have the option to have regular shoes and do the best walk of our life.
Jordan and I have an hour of training with Jo. it's all about balance. He is a great trainer. I pick it up fairly easily. It's all in the head like any competition.
Hair is painful. You can't run a comb through it, you can't pul it back, you can only part it in one place. Cecilia, hairstylist, almost loses her mind it is so difficult. How is this to help me be MORE versatile? I want these extensions out!
I get weave in my hair. It's purple and turquoise. My outfit looks like a roller derby gal that lost her mind. Only crazy people have stuffed animals attached to them usually. It's crazy cool. I love it.
Jordan and Sandhurst are struggling with the Heelys. Sandhurst has immunity so Jordan is the one in trouble ... but she can always walk in regular shoes.
The runway goes well. I don't do anything crazy. The clothes are crazy enough.
Branden got lucky this week.
Judges say, "Salome, We don't really like your pictures, we don't think you should have been the winner, your face is the same in these pictures, you didn't stop long enough at the end." I accomplished the photographer and the client's vision the best. The judges thought my walk was fine but I'm still in the bottom! I'm confused. What more can I do?

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