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Who Farted?

Jordan describes the erotic military challenge and seeing CJ go.

Waking up to banging pots and pans was probably the most annoying thing ever. Actually, walking outside and seeing what our ride was was even more annoying. It was so cold, and someone kept farting. Once we made it to our destination, I got really excited. I saw this awesome battleship, and all I really wanted to do was explore it. My excitement went away once I found out we were doing group shots — again! I was pretty bummed when I found out I was paired with Amanda and Branden. Branden has been sick, and I just don’t really like Amanda. I knew I would have to get over it though.

When it was finally time for us to shoot, I couldn’t wait to get out there. We had to go to the very top of the ship, and it was freezing. The wind was really strong and it wouldn’t stop.  Amanda and I were freezing. The shoot was fun. I had to kiss both Branden and Amanda. I am just praying that Branden didn’t make me sick.

So it’s finally time for the catwalk. I’m feeling pretty excited because this catwalk will be fairly normal. I finally get to do a strong normal walk — hooray! I really loved my outfit. Suits for girls are always a plus. As for the guys, they actually looked good in their skirts. I felt great about my walk, and I was safe this week. I was pretty happy that I didn’t have to stay on stage this week. I was also happy about CJ staying on stage, because I was hoping this would be her time to go. After waiting at the house all night, the rest of the models came walking through the door. When everyone got inside, I realized CJ wasn’t in the group, and I literally jumped for joy. Words could not describe how happy I was to see her gone. Finally, some peace in the house.

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