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Jonathan describes his disappointment with how this week's shoots panned out.


Let’s get rowdy (or not)

Rooftop NYC was our shoot location. Introduced to Dallas Austin the producer, designer of Rowdy clothes. And we met the Scandinavian photographer Patrick. We were going to be wearing the Rowdy clothes for the new campaign. Patrick said he wanted to see us in Rowdy poses. Dressed and ready to go nuts Branden and I started going crazy jumping over things and fighting together. So. Much. Fun. Throughout the day Patrick said he loved what I was doing. Good feedback is always great. I got to see the photos as they were being taken and they looked awesome!

Next day we got our books back. What the f--k!!! I got one f--king group shot where my eyes were closed. I guess somewhere along the lines the brief got changed from Rowdy to luke f--king warm!! None of the pics we got back were rowdy. I’m pissed off!


I’m sure everyone has had some little kid fly past them in a mall on some skates that look just like shoes. In fact they are shoes. Heelys were our fashion accessory today. After a brief practice section I seemed to have nailed it! Styled in a crazy bright outfit. Now, knowing I didn’t really have a photo from the rowdy shoot I had to bring out the big guns in my catwalk. Had to make it difficult. 

Skated to the front and posed then skated backwards outta the pose which got an “Oooh” from the judges. Landed in the bottom three for elimination which sucked and I felt was kind of BS but whatever. Ended up being Jordan who went home. Big shock as I thought out of all the girls she was the most model-like.

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