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Colin describes walking in Montreal Fashion Week.

This was quite a week. Yipes.

I’ll just start the story at the photo shoot. Honestly, the idea of this shoot scares me. I’m not exactly known for putting my emotions forward so I’m not quite sure where I’ll need to go (so to speak) to bring something out. I’m happy not to be one of the first ones going. The downtime before the shoot gave me time to relax. I decided to just try to give some power in my eyes to show myself and the judges how far I’d come.

Oh, and Montreal is on the line.

Coming out of the mirror box, I felt alright. I feel like I showed more with my eyes this week than when I was covered in chocolate. But I didn’t do … a whole ton in there. When other people were in the room I could hear loud yells and such. In retrospect, I could have put more emotion into the shoot.

Branden let me know early in the day that if he won the shoot he would take me with him to Montreal. Hearing the photographer name him as a winner was the second best thing to hearing my own name.

We left for Montreal at two in the morning. The luxury bus was totally awesome. No one stayed awake to enjoy it though. We all slept from NY to the Canadian border.

Montreal is gorgeous. I can’t believe I’ve never been there before. Noted: spend more time in Montreal.

Montreal Fashion Week was the first Fashion Week I’d ever been to. There were lots of pretty people walking around everywhere. Branden was visibly excited.

Before going to the casting I was feeling pretty good. I knew I had to actually be confident if I wanted to walk well. Booking the show was probably my proudest moment of the competition so far. In an incredibly short amount of time I’ve gone from never seeing a runway to walking on one at Montreal’s Fashion Week. It feels good.

Montreal also allowed me to bond with Mountaha. She seemed cool around the house but for some reason she was the only girl I hadn’t really talked to. Except for one tiny little mistake on my part (bringing up Jordan in front of Amanda) the four of us in Montreal had an incredible time. A return trip is definitely in order. Maybe I’ll be able to actually hang out with some of the girls I talked to backstage (like Michelle … whoever and wherever you are).

As for the walk this week … I ... don’t really want to talk about it. Clearly what I thought the catwalk assignment demanded and what the judges were looking for were different. I looked more like a fool than a freak. Let’s never talk about it again, k?

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