Caroline: I Hope Everyone Has Been Enjoying Manzo'd

Caroline: I Hope Everyone Has Been Enjoying Manzo'd

Caroline Manzo dishes on her hilarious family and why she wouldn't change a thing about them!

Hello again! Happy fall to everyone! I've missed my sweater and boot wearing weather and I for one am happy to see it back. I can do without the caramel lattés though; I can see the added pounds making their way over to me already...

It's Time for Lauren's Snatchelor Party!

The last two episodes brought you to Colorado on a cannabis fact-finding mission, a Scottish heritage celebration in Franklin Lakes, a "snatchelor party" in Atlantic City, and a bachelorette party in NYC, to name just a few of the activities in the days of the life of the Manzo family. 

You may or may not agree with some of the things we say and do, but I would have to challenge you with the idea of living a life full of the unexpected and facing each day with a zest for living. I think that Al and I have carved out a pretty good family dynamic that celebrates a close-knit family bond while allowing each of us to maintain our individuality. Our kids make us laugh, drive us crazy with worry sometimes, and fill our lives with love and laughter that I believe keep us young and always guessing. I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Show Highlight
Al Surprises Vito's Family With a Trip to Italy

I hope everyone has been enjoying Manzo'd so far, we've got some pretty good episodes coming up and I would love to know if you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed filming! We take a spur of the moment family trip to Italy, and then it's wedding day for Lauren Manzo, trust me when I tell you there are some pretty emotional moments throughout. 

I look forward to sharing these experiences with you and as always I thank you for watching!!!!

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