Caroline: I Laughed Until I Cried

Caroline: I Laughed Until I Cried

Caroline shares her thoughts on her sweet Mother's Day surprise...

The Manzo Kids Recreate Childhood Photos

Hello and Happy Mother's Day! Well, at least it was Mother's Day when we filmed this so why not say it twice!

I absolutely loved the scrapbook the kids gave me, it was so much fun to see the photos recreated and I really enjoyed watching this week's episode as they went through the process. I highly recommend this as a gift, I laughed until I cried. So much fun and the sentiment behind it is awesome.

Vito Is Moving in!

I would imagine that many of you are saying that I'm trying to keep Lauren chained to the house by living there with Vito. That's not the case at all. Lauren and Vito went apartment hunting and realized that renting an apartment is as much as paying a mortgage. The plan is to buy a home as soon as possible and renting at those rates would make it difficult to save money. So why not stay at the house where there is plenty of room for a few months allowing them to save money and get into a house faster. Makes sense, right? Lauren and Vito are currently in full house hunting mode and hopefully they will find something that suits their needs soon. Wish them luck!

Albie Opens up About His Love Life

We saw a little bit of my boys out with friends in Hoboken, I love seeing them have fun. They're great guys and I love each and every one of them. You'll be seeing more of them this season and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do! 

It was nice to catch up with Kathy and Rosie, they make me laugh. Rosie is always up to something and Kathy just goes with the flow. Lauren really does consider Kathy's house to be her dream home, let's see if she can convince Vito to consider it for the new Scalia home!  

Well, that's all I have to say for this week. As always thank you all so much for watching and follow us all on social media, we read every single comment and we love hearing from you all. Check out all of our handles below! 


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