Chris: I'm Not Really the Suit and Tie Business Man

Chris: I'm Not Really the Suit and Tie Business Man

Chris opens up about following his dream...

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Chris Is Writing a Children's Book
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Sign Up for Free to View Writing a children's book sounds like a great idea! What made you think of doing something like that?

Chris Manzo: I have always been obsessed with children stories and children books, and it was always something I said I wanted to try, but I pictured myself doing it later in life. I sort of found myself in a position to take a risk, so I said why not and gave it a shot. And thank god I did, it's been a really great experience to this point. We saw you diligently researching other children's books at the library. Was it embarrassing getting kicked out of the children's section?

CM: I have been kicked out of a few places, the children's section in a library was a first. But true story: It happened again in the Hoboken library. I have since learned my lesson. What did you think of the feedback you received from your mom and Al when you read them one of your drafts?

CM: I appreciate the feedback from them, it's why I ask, but it was more because they were sort of relentlessly asking me to tell them about it or read it to them. As I stated in the episode, the appealing thing for me with the book is that I am doing it on my own so I appreciate all advice I get, but ultimately if I love it I'm sticking with it. How do you think this idea differs from your business plans in the past?

CM: I hired a person to do the business part for me this time! I get to do what I really love and not worry about the headaches. If it ultimately became a career, I would truly feel like the luckiest person in the world. I've learned over the years that I'm not really the suit and tie business man that I always pictured myself being, once I accepted that it made it really easy to have fun with the whole idea. What did you think of Vito strutting around the house in Lauren's robe and drinking from containers in the refrigerator?

CM: That was my favorite scene of the show so far! Can I be me? Can.I.Be.ME.

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