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Lisa Nicole Cloud Is Trying for Another Baby and Not Everyone Is Happy About That

The #Married2Med cast doesn't hold back when it comes to their pal's major news.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Dr. Jackie Walters Reacts to Lisa Nicole Cloud Wanting Another Baby

A new season of Married to Medicine means a whole lot of new in these ladies' lives. That's especially the case for Lisa Nicole Cloud, who seemed to shock many of her castmates when she revealed that she and her husband Dr. Darren Naugles were trying to have another baby during her celebration of life party. 

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Let's just say the subsequent questioning and arguments between Lisa Nicole and Toya Bush-Harris and between Dr. Simone Whitmore and Quad Webb-Lunceford were not exactly what Lisa Nicole was hoping for when she broke the news to the group. "I was very surprised. I mean, you would think that a group of women, if someone wanted to have a baby, that would be good news. That would be something exciting. That would be something celebrated. It wouldn't be something criticized," Lisa Nicole told "It's just disappointing that as a group of women, we couldn't be more supportive of something like this, which is a life moment that you want to be able to share with your friends and not have them be so critical of you." 

As previously mentioned, Toya called Lisa out during her soirée for wanting to have a baby, saying that her demanding career has made it so she has to have help taking care of her kids and citing the couple's previous marital issues. "I think Lisa Nicole just overreacted, to be honest. I think that as a friend you should always be concerned," Toya told about the heated moment (clip below). "The girl is older than most, and so that being said, there's a risk that comes with trying to have a child. Because I know Lisa, I also know how busy she is, and I know the effects that not having a parent around can have on a child. I think sometimes parents get a little selfish because they get in that stage where they want to hold a baby and they feel like, 'Oh my God, I'm missing out on those years.' But in reality, they don't even have the time to try to dedicate to a young child."

Did Toya Go Too Far with Lisa Nicole?

Indeed, Lisa Nicole said that her dedication to her career over the past few years has pulled her focus away from expanding her family beyond her son DJ and daughter Amira. "I don't think it's any big secret, I've been very, very aggressive over the last couple of years building a career, building businesses, and I would just say time just kind of got away from me," she explained. "I think I just had a reality check when one day I realized I wasn't getting any younger, I still wanted more children. I love being a mother. I think it's the most rewarding and the most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. If I could have eight kids, I would." 

Of course, having a baby may be easier said than done for Lisa Nicole, who turned 44 in October and who also revealed during the episode that she has a blood-clotting condition. "I was a little concerned for Lisa just because of her age. In the world of obstetrics, past 40 is really high-risk. I feel like she was willing to put her life online in order to have a baby," Dr. Simone, who is an OBGYN, told "If she came in and she asked, I would just make sure that she is aware of all of the risks that she could potentially be facing. The ultimate decision only involves her and her husband. I don't decide for my patients. I just tell them the pros and cons." 

Lisa Nicole's OBGYN Dr. Jackie Walters explained those risks to her at the beginning of the premiere (clip below). Dr. Jackie couldn't divulge any information about her visits with Lisa Nicole because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA for short, but she did give her take on the situation as her girlfriend. "Lisa Nicole wanting to have a baby, you know, I’ve heard her say it before. It’s just Lisa’s had some challenges with her health, especially with her obstetrical health. We were a little shocked that she’s gotten a little bit more mature and wants to have a baby," Dr. Jackie explained (clip above). "I have to be the physician. The physician is, I support what you support as long as we’re staying healthy and I’m not doing anything to harm you. I’m excited for her. Now the group, everybody’s got an opinion. You will see them in all flavors."

Lisa Nicole is Having a Baby

And Dr. Heavenly Kimes, who accompanied Lisa Nicole to the visit to Dr. Jackie, certainly has some opinions. "I knew she was older, well over 35, in her mid-40s, and that's always high risk. I'm not an OBGYN, but we all know that after 35 is high risk. She also had some other medical issues with some blood-clotting issues. I mean, I knew her story. My whole thing was it was very selfish of her because she had two beautiful kids. When I had two boys, I tried for a girl, but she has a boy and a girl, she has a husband, and she works all the damn time. I've never seen anybody with the way she works. It's stupid. It makes no sense," Dr. Heavenly said. "I told her the truth, and that's who I am. I will continue to tell people the truth. If you don't want the truth then don't be my friend." 

Mariah Huq, who opened up about her own devastating miscarriage in Season 3 of Married to Medicine, said she wasn't surprised by the lack of support among some of the other ladies for Lisa Nicole's decision. "No, it doesn't shock me at all because, unfortunately, this is not the most supportive group of women. I think they exhibited that behavior during my loss. It doesn't surprise me that we don't support each other like we should," she told "I think regardless of Lisa's marital issues, that is her decision as a woman. It doesn't matter if she's 45 or 50, it's her decision if she wants to expand her family, [to] have another baby. Is that what I would do? Maybe not. However, that's her decision, and I'm gonna support her in whatever she decides is best for her family." 

Though Quad's own future as a mother also came into question at the celebration of life party, she said Lisa Nicole's decision to get pregnant is none of anyone's business. "If that's what Lisa wants to do and that's what her and her husband have agreed upon, then who am I to say she shouldn't do it? I wouldn't. I don't pay any bills at their home. I don't buy food for her or her children. I don't provide a roof over their head. So I have nothing to do with that. I don't even have an opinion on that," she said. "I have some people say, 'Quad, you're getting up in age, and you should really start thinking about having a baby.' Well, I'm not 44. I think Lisa Nicole may be 44. I'm not years, years, years, younger than that, but I still feel like I got a little wiggle room." 

Dr. Jackie teased that the chatter surrounding Lisa Nicole and Quad's potential pregnancies will continue this season of Married to Medicine.  "My friends, we all have comments, and that’s what good girlfriends do, though," she said. "We think that we have a right to comment and contribute to your life when sometimes we need to just shut up. Welcome to Married to Medicine Season 4." 

And Lisa Nicole promises that her hopeful journey to become pregnant again will be filled with ups as well as downs. "You're going to see that emotional roller coaster of wanting a baby, knowing that there are some risks, and still emotionally not being able to shake the fact that it's a desire of your heart, whether it's logical or not," she said.

See what else is in store for this season of Married to Medicine, below.

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