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This Isn't the Mariah I Know

Dr. Simone can't make sense of all the hearsay and PayPal nonesense and wants someone to take responsibility for the fight.

By Simone Whitmore

The doctor is in and confused with all the hearsay!

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The aftermath of the fight was almost as difficult as watching the fight. I went to the restroom with Toya to make sure she wasn't injured and to check on her because she was there alone. When I finally came out of the bathroom, Mariah and her family were gone, so I did not get a chance to speak to her immediately after the party. I did not realize Kari had the police officer escort Mariah and her family off of Kari's property.

I can understand Kari and Duncan being upset about the fight occurring at their house and causing damage. However, I do not understand why Kari wanted a restraining order against Mariah or why Duncan stated Aydin would be divorcing Mariah.

Mariah and Toya seem to have a lot more in common than I realized. Neither is willing to take ownership for their part in the fight and both are sorry about embarrassing their husbands! I definitely think they owed Kari an apology for the fight and I was pleased to see Toya offering hers.

Kari claims Mariah didn't help set up for the party at all. Mariah claims she was late because she dropped off flowers and liquor at Kari's house earlier. Kari says Mariah stopped payment on PayPal. Mariah says Kari requested payment for damages on PayPal. I don't know which one of them is lying. Even though I've known Mariah for almost nine years, I must say THIS IS NOT THE MARIAH I KNOW!!! I have not spoken to her since the fight because I'm not quite sure what to say or how to say it. I don't even understand WHY the fight occurred. Give me some time.

Glad you were able to meet a really great couple and their beautiful baby girl. I love delivering babies so much, it doesn't feel like work. This episode gives you a chance to see I'm doing much more than attending parties. Being awakened at 1am by a patient going into labor, delivering a baby and then returning home at 5 am happens to me often. I am married to medicine. My husband is married to medicine and picks up the slack when I'm not home.

My husband's nephew really helped us out this year, but I am anxious for him to move out and move forward in his life. He is a talented artist and great basketball player. He now finds himself at a major crossroads. You will have to stay tuned to see what he decides to do.

Still waiting for some ownership . . . only time will tell.

Please follow me on Twitter at @drsswhitmore

Thanks for listening.

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