Toya: "See Beyond What's Shown on TV"

Toya: "See Beyond What's Shown on TV"

Toya reveals how being on TV has changed her.

This week I feel like blogging about the positives of Married to Medicine. Mariah's idea for a reality show has sky rocketed and I give all thanks to God, the viewers, the producers, and Bravo. I never imagined that the lives of doctors' wives would be exciting to watch on television. Mariah had an eye and saw in all of us a great cast, and when I auditioned for the show, who would've thought the producers would see in me what I never saw in myself?

Television was never my dream, but writing has always been something I loved doing. This show is providing a platform for my nursery book series, which I'm sure you'll love. It's a series based on motherhood and the challenges of first-time moms and mothers of two or more. It also highlights the unconditional, true love you can only experience through Motherhood. I guess that's why I was so offended and took it very personal when Mariah thought I would do anything to hurt Lauren. As you can see, by Episode 8, I had had enough of the foolish accusations.

This Has Got to Stop

Being on television has also helped me to develop a tougher skin like no other. I thank God I knew who I was coming in, because the public sure can draw a strong opinion based on small snippets of my life. I will also say that I have developed relationships and experienced things I've never experienced before. It has been such a learning experience. I pride myself on being pretty laid back and very transparent, my close friends would have to agree. I never wore makeup, could care less about what people thought, but now I find myself wearing mink lashes and eyeshadow. Ha!  

Going forward, I'd like to ask my fans to see beyond what's shown on television. See the love I have for my family, see how faithful I am to my friends, see that, like you, I am not perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone, but it's cool, because in those mistakes I bloom into the rose God created in me. I have done many foolish things in my life, but I am thankful for the lessons and triumphant endings. I hope that in the coming episodes you will see that the plots/whiles of the devil never have any validity. Look for PROOF, because some of my castmates love to throw shade.  Or, just tune in to my Bravo Blog or for the real...

Saying what you're thinking,



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