Dr Heavenly Thinks Dr. Simone Needs Meds

Dr Heavenly Thinks Dr. Simone Needs Meds

According to Heavenly, Simone needs a double-dose of medication and Dr. Jackie needs to fill out her shorts to get what she wants.

It's interesting as I get to know this group of women better, I am beginning to understand why they feel and act the way they do. It has been said before perception is reality and I think we all sometimes see things from a different point of view.

Quad: I definitely think having children is a big decision. They have been an absolute blessing to my life, but I will say, as I say to the young women I often speak with in my seminars, when you have a child you have to be ready. Having said that, Quad you have plenty of time for children when you and your husband are both ready.


Lisa Nicole: I absolutely think Lisa is a great addition to the group. She brings beauty, class, and business. I love a true business women who is confident and knowledgeable. It was once said you are one-fifth of the five people you hang around most. I think that Lisa is a person I would love to have around.

Toya: I think that Toya is in a place where many women would love to be. She stays home to take care of and spend time with her young children. It's a blessing she is a position to be able to do that.

Simone: Let me get this straight -- Simone is mad at Toya for saying she danced on her husband in public -- when she danced on her husband IN PUBLIC! I really feel for Dr. Simone, and I now understand why she is emotionally unstable. She has a lot on her plate as a physician, leaving her house all times of the night. Not to mention, she is the leader of her household. That's a lot of pressure for any woman. If I had medication, I would definitely give Simone a double dose.


Dr Jackie: Once again this woman wants to put on the heir that she is perfect. Get this Jackie -- NO ONE IS PERFECT. I see now why she is bitter and unhappy. She is sleep-deprived! Dr Jackie, that can't be healthy. Can you please tell me the pre-disposed conditions stress and sleep deprivation causes? It's very important not to look and the speck in someone else's eye when you have a plank in you own.

I see she has a plan to get what she wants from her husband in a tight short set. . .So sorry Jackie! Maybe you need a little more fat in your ass. I always get what I want from my Daddy!

For me, I enjoyed showing you my family and how I interact with them. My daughter is definitely a blessing. She is straight-forward and honest and is not afraid to give her opinion. I wonder where she gets that?


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