Heavenly Is Tired of Quad and Mariah

Heavenly Is Tired of Quad and Mariah

Dr. Heavenly thinks it's time for Quad and Mariah to move on -- and that everyone's actually crazy.

I have learned a lot hanging with these ladies. . .

1. We all are crazy! Everyone of us has issues in our lives that I believe are abnormal, whether it be OCD or control issues. I think we all could stand a session or two with Dr. Greg!

2. Everyone has their own reality. It's funny how all of us can be in the same room and view an event differently. We all have strong minds and are strong willed. It's interesting how we can see the problems in other's lives and not see our own.


3. You have to forgive. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it's for you! I will never waste my time or my energy holding a grudge with another person. It steals valuable energy we can use to educate, uplift and inspire others. There are so many world issues we can use our time and resources on.

Lastly, I'm sick of the Quad/Mariah thing. It's really getting on my damn nerves! I don't want to here it anymore. Can we all grow up and move on!?! It's time!

I love spending time with my family! They are most important to me after God. I will keep my focus on them.

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See You At The Top!

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