Now Heavenly Knows Why Simone Is So Grouchy

Now Heavenly Knows Why Simone Is So Grouchy

Heavenly understands now that the reason Simone was such an ass is simply because she wasn't getting any action.

As always, I have learned something very valuable.

All of the ladies are very different and many only see their point of view.

Ooooooooooooooh! So that's why Simone is snapping out on people!!! You never know what someone else is going though. Here I am thinking Simone is this major ass, and all along her problem is she wasn't getting any sex and her money ain't right. That would make most people flip out!!! Now I don't think you should take your problems out on others, but I do understand. Girl keep your head up. . .I feel for you! LOL.


As I am getting to know Dr. Jackie I am starting to like her, she is a very smart women. Initially I thought it was she who had the lack of penetration, but I now think she is the biggest freak of us all.

Wishing the other women well and hoping they can begin see each others reality! Keep it all in balance #GodFamilyCareer #WeGonThankGod #teamdaddy #WeALLneedLove

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