Lisa Nicole on Her Head and Heartaches

Lisa Nicole on Her Head and Heartaches

Lisa Nicole Cloud reflectson the "shade fest" that was her first Reunion and where she stands on all that drama.

Hello Married To Medicine Darlings,

Thank you for tuning into to the Married To Medicine Reunion, Part 1. Do you agree that the reunion setting, in the Shady Grove was most appropriate? There was so much shade throwing. To be honest by the end of the Reunion Part 1, I had a headache and a heartache.

While sitting in the Reunion, I kept asking myself what is going on? Why are little incidents so magnified? I honestly couldn't even find a voice in all the yelling, screaming, and chaos at the beginning of the Reunion. I know people turn up at Reunions -- but I found myself, as a freshman to the experience, completely shocked and in disbelief with all the fighting and yelling. Mariah called me "The New Boring Girl," but if I have to yell and scream and call my sisters out of their name to be interesting and relevant, Ill take the high road and be the "new boring girl"every time. Don't get me wrong, we all have another side to our personalities that can become highly agitated, but, as professional women and role models, we have to challenge ourselves to rise above the emotion and drama to communicate with one another respectfully.

Words cut deep and in my opinion some of the verbal blows are as bad as physical punches. Like they say, "there is life and death in the power of the tongue." During the lunch break I had to go to my dressing room, burn a candle, turn on soothing music and pray. My spirit was disturbed, and I honestly asked myself "What is my voice in all this controversy?" I feel horrible that there was so much fighting and screaming amongst the ladies. The "Shade fest" was exhausting. The only voice I could find was a voice of reason, to try to offer in some way an explanation for the hurt, sadness and pain that came out as anger at the reunion. One thing I can definitely say is the emotions are real on Married to Medicine. Nothing is scripted and created for entertainment. This show is about real women, real issues and real life drama. The question I continue to ponder as I reflect on the Reunion is "What has society come to when fans have such an insatiable desire for the drama?" What makes classy women who don't do all the yelling and screaming "Boring" and women who do all the extra-animated yelling, neck rolls, and profanity entertaining. What caused the shift in entertainment to go from content like The Cosby Show to content like our Married to Medicine Reunion? This is food for thought and I’d love to read your comments and thoughts on the matter.

Now onto my thoughts about the reunion. . .

Mariah's EP title: I first want to say to Mariah congratulations on obtaining EP credentials. Vanity title or not, no one can ever take that away from you. I'm happy and proud to see another women succeed in this male-dominated industry. I meant what I said and this is "no shade" intended, I believe you would get more of the RESPECT you are due if you didn't use your title to manipulate situations or people. In my opinion, Respect is EARNED not GIVEN. Stop demanding the respect and let it naturally come to you.


Quad and Mariah's Severed Friendship: I really hope that the Quad and Mariah fight is behind us now. A whole season of this has me praying that Quad finds it in her heart to forgive Mariah, since she did offer an apology at the Reunion. It seemed sincere to me, so I hope Quad moves past it and focuses her time and energy into building her fabulous puppy line, Picture Perfect Pup. In this situation, forgiveness is for Quad's peace. "Forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart." Quad, this situation impacts you in so many ways, let it go, move past it, and soar like the eagle you are! Mariah we all make mistakes, own it, and grow from it.

Toya and Simone's Argument: For me this intense debate came out of leftfield. I for the life of me don't know when the relationship became so angry and hostile. At WEN I saw them apologize and make up. And on the cabin trip, I saw it happen again. Why is there still so much anger and animosity? It hurt me to see both ladies almost go to blows. I think there definitely needs to be an intervention. I really hope the Toya/Simone friendship breakdown doesn't lead to more events not being possible and people having to choose their friendship allegiances. This was exhausting this season.


The Heavenly/Lisa Disagreement: Heavenly you are an amazing mother and Alura is a beautiful child. My comment about focusing on teaching Alura to be a lady was not intended to insult your mothering skills. I apologize if you were offended in any way. I know how protective and emotional mothers get about their children. My comment was simply to say, that in my opinion at the age of six or eight, it is more important to teach our young girls about their own self worth and self love than it is to teach them to value and submit to men. In the early formative years, I believe when we teach our daughters how to love and value themselves, they will seek out men that are respectful and God-fearing and submitting to them will be an honor.

The Jackie/Simone Friendship: As always I love this friendship and it is a friendship to be cherished. I love watching the ride-or-die nature of the relationship. I pray that nothing ever comes between this duo because their friendship is a model women should strive to emulate in their close female relationships.

All in all, the Married to Medicine Reunion Part 1 was explosive and entertaining. It was intense from beginning to end and I know Part 2 will be no exception. Stay tuned as I really spill the tea about my disconnect with Mariah and why I stayed in a relationship with Darren after infidelity. It had nothing to do with weakness -- but rather everything to do with strength. Join us on Thursday for Part 2. You don’t want to miss it.

Until Next Week. . .Love and Success

Lisa Nicole

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