Mariah's Side Eye for Simone

Mariah's Side Eye for Simone

Mariah was shocked to be excluded from Simone's pajama jam, but has positive thoughts for Lisa Nicole.

Life is truly like a ferris wheel. We have ups and we have downs, and it's important for the center to be God and family. Spending time with my family means the world to me, because no matter where I am in my life they are constant and they really give me balance.

Real friends are essential to our lives as well. That's why I truly value my 11-year friendship with Simone. I have to admit, that she threw me a curve ball this week, with not inviting me to her pajama jam. Just last week we were wining and dining on a double date, this week she's throwing double shade my way. Last week, she was complaining about me not talking and giving limited information, this week she calls me "Gossiping Mariah", #sideEye. Watch you Simone. LOL!

I don't know Lisa personally, but I will definitely keep her and her family lifted in prayer during this trying time. It's great to see that she has an awesome support system, and does not have to travel this journey alone. Always remember that faith activates God, and he will see you through. He will never put more on us than we can bare.


As I stay on the the Ferris wheel of life, I am enjoying the ride and I hope the ladies will start focusing on the positive parts of friendship -- versus investing in negative conversations that only further divide our circle of friends!

Be blessed and enjoy the ride.

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