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Quad: Walk the Walk

Quad can't believe Mariah would spread gossip about Reco, but she doesn't want anyone to choose sides.

I was not surprised in the least bit by the judge dismissing the ridiculous claims made against Reco. One can't present Aesop Fables and Mother Goose tales to a court and expect the judge to take her seriously. In a real court of law, you need cold hard facts supporting your cause if you'd like to win. In case someone was wondering, unauthentic crocodile tears, lies, and an over the top acting job never suffice as facts. Chile have a stadium full of seats.

Once Plan A failed to succeed, I was horrified to witness the next plan of attack on my friend Reco. To slander his good name and reputation by accusing him of being on drugs, was the lowest of low. Who talks with a group of people you've known for five minutes, to bash a "friend" you've known for over 20 years? A person that lacks good character that's who. I know people say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I hope that's not true; because, someone needs to learn how to be a true friend and a woman of integrity.

It was good to see Toya finally move into her new home. When I say it was about time she moved, I mean it. She had been talking about it for what seemed forever. Now she has a home to put that new furniture in finally. By the way, am I the only one that found it interesting that Eugene apparently budgets his finances, but Toya claims not to have a budget? But hey, if they like it that way, I love it.

Honey Lisa's fashion show was nothing short of fabulous. The clothing collection she debuted definitely received tens across the board from me. I know how hard she and Dwight worked to put that all together, so I was happy to see a successful product. Now prior to the show starting I went backstage to check things out, and it was VERY BUSY! Between Lisa and Dwight yelling orders, inspecting clothing, and ordering the models to get in line, I thought I was viewing a military boot camp! After seeing this fashion show, I definitely walked away with some dos and don'ts for my own fashion show for Picture Perfect Pups.

My heart was truly touched seeing Jackie and her stepdaughter this week. It was really sweet for Kursten to let Jackie know that she considered her a second mother; and in fact, Jackie has experienced parenthood. Work out Miss Kursten! Also, to add to Kursten's sweet demeanor, she has a fierce walk. When she came down that runway in that Lisa Nicole original I was impressed, and I could tell Jackie was a proud mom.

Now, in regards to Heavenly. One day she says the woman hasn’t been a good friend to her, and the next day she has. I’ve taken Heavenly for many things, buy a flip flopper is not one of them. I know she submits to her husband; but as a grown woman, I would hope she would be a woman of her word considering she’s seen the malicious intentions with her own eyes.

And look, Simone can talk to the self-professed "Queen" or not talk to her. That's never been my concern. I may not be speaking to Simone's "friend," but I have not been, nor will I ever be, petty enough to tell Simone or anyone who not to associate with just because I choose not to be in the company of such negative energy. Not once have I never asked the ladies to choose sides or to stop talking to someone. They came to that decision on their own. Simone made the bold proclamation and lead the charge, guiding the ladies to make a decision. I've only asked the women to refrain from inviting me to an event where they know my former friend will be present. I wanted to keep the drama down. I even made it easier by stating I wouldn't come around. They should appreciate me being noble and understanding we once were all friends. My advice to the good doctor is that she stops creating unnecessary drama and stress for herself, and just focus on being a good friend to the both of us individually. She shouldn't concentrate on picking one side over the other, or reuniting anyone.

Overall I just wish her the best, and hope she never experiences the "friendship" I experienced with Mrs. Huq. #LiveYourLIfe #FreedomOfChoice #IAmDONE


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